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Fiancé's Mean Mother

Stacie helps her fiancé care for his mother. The problem is that Mom is downright mean. Mary Maxwell chimes in to give Stacie some advice. read more

My mom seems to be forgetting things

Jessica in St. Paul, MN is concerned that her mother, who lives with her, is becoming forgetful. Funny lady Mary Maxwell offers another perspective on the situation.   read more

Is My Generous Mom at Risk of Being Scammed?

Joan in Conway, AZ has a mother who has always been a giving spirit and helping those in need. But now Joan is worried this trait makes her mother prey for scammers. Mary Maxwell weighs in on the subject.   read more

Caring for my parents is taking all my time and energy

Sharon in Bedford, NH cares for her parents and is concerned that life will become wrapped up in their care. She is afraid she will end up resenting her parents and neglecting her own family.   read more

My Daughter is Obsessed with the Negative

Constance from Ontario, CA is concerned that her daughter is too focused on all the negative things in the world. Mary Maxwell shares her perspective on the situation. read more

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