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My Grandfather is Behaving Strangely After the Death of his Wife

Lisa is concerned about her grandfather's strange behavior after the passing of his wife. Mary Maxwell has some good (and funny) advice.   read more

My Brother is Only Interested in Controlling Our Mom

Marsha is worried that her brother's intentions are less than good when it comes to their mother. She reaches out to Mary Maxwell for a little sage advice. read more

My daughter wants to take away all the sodium in my diet

Moderation is key, but Katherine's mom doesn't understand. Mary gives some advice as to what to do and how to handle the situation. read more

My sister won't help take care of mom

Sibling rivalry is at hand when it comes to taking care of mom. Mary gives some tips on what should be done. read more

Mom is not interested in learning to do things for herself

Michelle's mom is not interested in learning to do things for herself. Mary gives some advice as to what Michelle should do. read more

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