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Are his memory loss and mean comments caused by dementia?

Question: My 66 year old husband has been told by several doctors that he does have some short term memory loss but none has diagnosed him with dementia. He has had a scan done and they said it does not show any shrinkage. He says mean things to me as well. Could this be the… read more

Is this PTSD?

Question: My son has a chronic skull condition that has required six skull operations. During his last one, he obtained a bacterial infection while in the intensive care unit. It almost killed him. We also learned that, in his second operation, the surgeon cut through the dura—the material that covers the brain— and caused a… read more

Anyone out there caring for a loved one with fronto-temporal dementia?

Question: I would like to chat with caregivers, my age range, 52, who care for a loved one with fronto-temporal dementia. Dr. Amy: The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration manages a listing of caregiver support groups in Canada and the USA. And here is a toll free telephone support group for people located anywhere in the… read more

How to handle his rages

Question: My husband has moderate vascular dementia and his last stroke caused right frontal lobe damage. He sometimes goes into rages. I can usually calm him, but sometimes I can't. I have had to leave three times as he threatens violence. He will not go into a home, so I keep coming back to care… read more

How much sleep is too much?

Question: My mom has Alzheimers and all she wants to do is sleep. She goes to an adult day care program twice a week but when she is home she sleeps 18 to 20 hours a day. I've talked with her physician and have been told not to worry. What are your thoughts? Dr. Amy: People… read more

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