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I think hoarding is killing my father-in-law

Question: My in-laws are hoarders. They will never admit it but their house, garage, two sheds, two vehicles, 18 wheeler trailer and second family home are stuffed. My father in-law has battled cancer, had a hip replacement, pacemaker and most recently a medical grade staph infection. After being hospitalized for several months with the staph… read more

My mother-in-law gets angry when we change her Depends

Question: I am caring for my mother-in-law in our home and recently have seen a change in her behavior. She becomes angry and combative when I or one of the personal care assistants (PCAs) are helping her change her Depends and/or clean her up. She shouts and tries to slap whichever one of us is… read more

I desperately need other caregivers to talk to

Question: I desperately need other caregivers that I can talk to. Please help! Dr. Amy: Of course you do! I've said this before and it's worth repeating: caregiving must be one of the most challenging jobs on earth. Not only is the work physically and emotionally demanding, it’s also complicated by the effects of ill health… read more

Driving with Alzheimer's

Question: Does the Alzheimer patient keep insisting that he or she can drive safely and that nothing is wrong? Dr. Amy: For many people, cars are an expression of our identity. They tell the world a little about who we are and what we value. They are also a powerful symbol of independence. They let us… read more

Finding it hard to get the right mix of medication for my husband

Question: I am caregiver for husband who had strokes 15 years ago. He recently had mild seizures caused by scar tissue in his brain. We're trying to find a balance with his new meds. He says he feels better but has dizzy spells and  his restless leg syndrome is worse. He is taking 13 different… read more

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