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Impatience May Be Sign of Boredom in Elderly

Why is Mom so fidgety? A number of issues could explain, but a doctor’s checkup is the first place to start. If all is well with her health, consider getting Mom involved in something such as a women’s group, card club, church committee or hobby so that she can channel her energy.

A View of the Golden Years: Younger Does Not Equate to Happier

Seniors are more likely to feel the warmth of a positive attitude by hanging around the over-50 crowd than by getting in tune with the younger generation’s moods, according to two polls that measured happiness in America.

My mother, age 87, is very depressed. She is taking antidepressants but they are not working. Should I contact her doctor?

Both my parents are getting wonderful ADL care but my mother, age 87, is so depressed all the time (she of course does not call this depressed, and denies ever being depressed). We have encouraged her doctor to prescribe antidepressants, but the drug hasn’t worked at all. Do I contact the doctor and ask for a different prescription or what?

I have a relative who seems depressed and possibly suffering from OCD. She won't address these issues with her doctor. Is it unethical for me to call her doctor to express concern?

I have a relative who I think may be depressed and possibly suffering from OCD.  Her husband doesn't believe in mental disorders or therapy and medication.  He thinks everything is fine, but to us in the younger generation, we know she needs help. Is it unethical to call someone's doctor to express concern? I know she would never bring up her issues with her doctor on her own.

Observing Special Days Difficult for Surviving Family

The unpredictability of life can leave seniors reeling. When sudden loss occurs, make sure there’s support and encouragement for those left behind.

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