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Depression, Heart Disease, Diabetes…Could it be Low Vitamin D?

Depression can be a serious disease in older adults and the causes are often varied. Surprisingly simple solutions sometimes help counteract depression such as vitamin supplementation, according to research, and companionship. It's always important to first have a doctor's assessment to determine the causes of depression and the best course of action.

Volunteering: The Magic Bullet for Healthy Aging

What’s the secret to keeping older adults from whiling away their days in a rocker? That’s the million dollar question for any senior care professional who has encouraged, cajoled and begged a senior to keep moving.

My dad has had three surgeries this year. He is doing ok but my mom is very depressed. Everyone in the family is worried about her. Help!

Question:  My mom is 73, my dad 74. Dad has had three surgeries this year. He is doing ok but mom is very depressed, thinking he is going to die and she will be left alone. She has lost about 30 pounds and now weighs 95 pounds--she is 5'4". My dad has tried to get her…

Companionship an Antidote to Seniors’ Holiday Blues

Depression during the holidays is not uncommon for anyone who has lost loved ones and longs for days gone by when unique traditions, reunions and rituals were a rich part of life.

Senior Loneliness: Take Initiative to Reconnect

Seniors might have to take the initiative to overcome lack of companionship by finding the right time to connect with their families or by seeking other outlets for friendship. Remember that Home Instead is always there as well, providing companionship and support.

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