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My mom is 86 and does not think she needs help but I feel she does. She has trouble with balance and show early signs of dementia. What should I do?

My mom is 86 and does not think she needs help. I live with her, and feel she does. I am single and 50. I have had a live-in for two weeks and my mom wants her out. My siblings are out of the picture. What should I do? Keep her at home? Look for assisted living? Pay for help under the table or keep her with a registered service? Mom has trouble with balance and early signs of dementia. I would appreciate your advice.

Respite a Must for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers at the end of their rope can look to others for a break to refresh their outlook. Professional caregiving help is one answer.

My mom has mild dementia. She refuses to come live with me but can't be left alone. How do I protect myself from a neglect charge?

Question:   My mom has mild dementia and refuses to come live with me and my family. She wants to stay in the comfort of her own home, which is understandable, but she can't be left alone. I need to know how to protect myself from a neglect charge. Who can I talk to?  Dr. Amy: …

Additional Resources

Consider the following resources to learn more about how to keep your senior loved ones safe at home.

Handyman Help Available: Here's Where

Seniors who live alone, especially widows, can find that their homes become more difficult to manage as they age. That's why family caregivers who can't be there to help should assist their loved ones in finding the resources to take care of those home improvements that can keep them safe and comfortable at home.

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