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Alzheimer’s Support: Treating the Family Caregiver as a “Secondary Patient”

Family caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias are hidden patients in need of support from senior care professionals. Recommending the right interventions can help lessen caregivers' burden while improving their ability to care for the patient.

What are examples of elder abuse?

Question:  What are examples of elder abuse other than the usual physical signs? Dr. Amy:  No one deserves to be ill treated or abused. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. While physical abuse can sometimes be the easiest to spot, elder abuse also includes emotional or psychological abuse, financial abuse,…

My mom is starting to show signs of dementia. What programs or services are available to help her?

Question:  I am an educator who is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel of my career. However, as I near my retirement, my mom is starting to show signs of dementia. I am not sure how far this has progressed and will have her assessed once her doctor returns from vacation. I would…

Technology and Companionship Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer

The surging development of new gadgets is expected to help many in the growing elderly population postpone a move to assisted care facilities, but some of the electronic wizardry may compromise privacy. A Home Instead CAREgiverSM can provide the human touch any time, night or day.

My mom has been caring for my 92-year-old father. But now she is unable to care for herself, let alone my father. I try to help but I have a full-time job and live 15 miles away. Help!

Until recently, my mother was taking care of my 92-year-old father who has Parkinson's, cancer and diabetes. Now she is unable to care for herself, let alone my father. She does not want to contact her doctor anymore or take medication that was suggested to her. She has no appetite and is not eating much. I hesitate to call her doctor because she is talking about looking for another one and a different hospital also. She fights with my father constantly and the situation is unbearable for me. I take food over and help as much as I can but I have a full time job and am 15 miles away. Help! Who can I call to discuss this situation?

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