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Family, Friends and Caregivers Important for Ill Seniors

Many adult children have encountered the challenge of long-distance caregiving as senior loved ones cope with a chronic illness. One solution is respite help by way of a strong local support network or a dependable professional caregiving company like the Home Instead® network.

My husband and I would like to go sailing for a couple of years but I feel guilty leaving my parents who rely on my care. What should we do?

Question: I live in New Mexico and my parents live in California. Whenever they need help after a fall or surgery, I am so willing to help and stay with them.  I have a step-brother in Ohio who makes great efforts to help as well. My husband and I would like to semi-retire and sail along…

I don't think it's good for my mom to be living alone so far away. How can I convince her to move?

Question: My mother has been living alone since my father died. She is in the house they both lived in for 40 years. I don't think it is good for her to be living alone and have suggested that she move nearer to me and my wife. We live about 3 hours away. I am…

How do I get my siblings more involved in helping me take care of our parents?

Question:  I have three brothers and sisters but they all live in other parts of the country. I live in the same town as my parents. I'm happy to do things for my parents, but I think my siblings believe they don't have to do anything because they live far away. How do I get…

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