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Posts tagged with “joke”

Attending a Past Love's Funeral

Harriet wants to attend her high school sweetheart's funeral, but is afraid to tell her husband. Mary gives some funny, but thoughtful tidbits on whether it's proper to attend a long lost love's services.

Executor of the Estate

Sibling arguments can cause a wrench in planning for aging parents. Funny lady Mary Maxwell answers a daughter who is nervous about handling her mother's estate with siblings who dislike her

Cooking Skills

A senior in Fresno is upset that her children no longer want to eat her cooking. Mary offers some humorous insight into why this new disgruntled dietary phase may have started.

Intergenerational Living with Teenagers

Charlotte has had more than she can take living with her daughter and two teenage grandchildren. Mary suggests a different living arrangement – one that doesn’t include teenagers.

Saving a Friendship

Linda wants to know how to repair a friendship torn by different lifestyles. Mary explains that putting a hold on the relationship - even for a little while - is a good option, and could save more than just the friendship.

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