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Home Care an Integral Part of the Care Continuum for Seniors With Dementia

The first ray of morning sunshine peeks through the curtain and grazes the edge of the bed to gently say "time to wake up." Birds sing from the tree branches right outside the large window looking out on the yard where the kids loved to run and play. A photo collage hangs on the wall beside the nightstand, testifying to a lifetime of memories.

My mother has a number of health issues, and I live two hours away. Is there a way to arrange for in-home care to help her with meals and her medications?

Question:  My mother has heart failure, blocked arteries, valve leaking and a weak heart. With the heart failure, some of the symptoms are confusion. I live two hours away, in Georgia, and have to work. Is there any assistance that she could receive with someone giving her medicine to her and making sure she eats? I have…

My mom is 86 and does not think she needs help but I feel she does. She has trouble with balance and show early signs of dementia. What should I do?

My mom is 86 and does not think she needs help. I live with her, and feel she does. I am single and 50. I have had a live-in for two weeks and my mom wants her out. My siblings are out of the picture. What should I do? Keep her at home? Look for assisted living? Pay for help under the table or keep her with a registered service? Mom has trouble with balance and early signs of dementia. I would appreciate your advice.

How to Select an In-Home Care Provider - Professional Caregiver Recorded Webinar

Presenters Dr. Amy D'Aprix, Executive Director of the DAI Foundation, and Deb Norman, Strategic Alliances Manager with Home Instead, discuss caregiving topics, including providing tips and guidelines for how to select an in-home care provider.

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How to Select an In-Home Care Provider Seminar

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