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40-70 Rule: Executive Summary

Independent research by the Home Instead® network of seniors, adult children, senior care and legal professionals provided new insights into the dynamics of the conversations that do – and do not – take place between Baby Boomers and their aging parents. This updated research revealed that families who wait too long to begin discussing and planning for end-of-life issues could be vulnerable to uncertainty, family fights and even legal disputes.

Do Your Homework Before Hiring Help

Employing a caregiver for your senior loved one might be among the biggest decisions that you’ll make for him or her. By gathering the most information available, you’ll help ensure a good caregiving match.

Strong Genes, Sound Choices Lead to Longer Lives

A study reveals that only about a fourth of the variations that determine how long we live can be attributed to genetics. The other three-fourths appear to be associated with risk factors that can be controlled with personal choices. That’s a good incentive to start thinking of the support a senior could need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Caregiving a Great Job for ‘Seasoned’ Citizens

Employment for many people who have reached retirement age is no longer an option, and a job has even become a necessity in some cases. The Home Instead® network offers caregiving opportunities for seniors who like to help other seniors.

My mother has a number of health issues, and I live two hours away. Is there a way to arrange for in-home care to help her with meals and her medications?

Question:  My mother has heart failure, blocked arteries, valve leaking and a weak heart. With the heart failure, some of the symptoms are confusion. I live two hours away, in Georgia, and have to work. Is there any assistance that she could receive with someone giving her medicine to her and making sure she eats? I have…

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