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My mother-in-law is a hoarder. What can we do to get her to throw away some of her stuff?

Question:  My mother-in-law is a hoarder. Recently she had a loss to her garage due to weather. It’s packed to the gills and the roof was damaged. A lot of stuff was ruined and mildewed and sat for weeks while we waited for the insurance claims agent to get to her. She will not throw…

My mother-in-law is a hoarder. This leads to arguments with her, and with my husband, over concerns about food safety and health. I think she needs homecare but my husband won't decide. What do I do?

Question: My husband and I are both in our forties and we have three children. Two are at home, ages 16 and 12. My mother-in-law, 84, lives alone in a house in our small town. We are on their farm. She is and always has been a hoarder. The issue is food safety and health.…

Clutter: When the House Is a Mess

You find that your 77-year-old mother's house is often in disarray when you visit. You believe it's time for her to make a change in her living arrangement. What do you say?

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