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Put Safety First When Decorating Seniors' Homes

If the grandchildren are coming to your senior loved one’s home for the holidays, help ensure a safe environment. From decorations to presents to food, don’t miss a detail. A Home Instead CAREGiverSM could help pull everything together.

More Families Living Under One Roof

Before moving a senior loved one into your home, make sure all family members buy into the idea and understand the looming expectations and challenges. Then put a plan in place that will help ensure harmony under one roof.

How to Help Your Kids Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s hard enough for you to witness and accept Mom or Dad’s strange behaviors brought on by Alzheimer’s disease, let alone help your children understand why the loving grandparents they once knew now act differently.

I'm caring for my mother-in-law who is 88 and has vascular dementia. My sisters-in-law live nearby but rarely help. I'm stressed and neglecting my family. Help!

I am caring for my mother-in-law who is 88 and has vascular dementia. She is not doing well. My problem is that I have two sisters-in law who live seven minutes away and who only help maybe once a month. I'm at my wits’ end with stress and neglecting my family. My husband isn't supportive at all with regards to his sisters.

Building Relationships with Grandkids Reaps Many Benefits for Seniors

Both grandchildren and their grandparents benefit from a strong relationship. But sometimes older adults need help building that bond.

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