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Begin Senior Holiday Celebrations with Planning

For families whose senior loved ones struggle with afflictions, holidays can be challenging times. But, with a little planning and support, the festivities can still be special. Setting realistic expectations is a key to eliminating stress.

Why Move Out? Seniors Can Find Help at Home

Many options exist for seniors who need help as they age. While care facilities can play a valuable role, there are alternatives. A growing and popular plan is to help a senior remain at home with non-medical caregiving assistance.

Ready to Hit the Road? Many National Parks Cater to the Older Crowd

If you’re a senior ready for adventure or a family caregiver arranging a trip for older loved ones, consider the U.S. national parks. U.S. national parks are a bargain for retirees, and seniors can enjoy nearly all of them without having to brave long hikes or climb on horses.

Hearing Loss Adds to Caregiver Stress

Hearing-impaired seniors can put themselves in danger of getting inappropriate medical care at the doctor’s office. If your parent is in such a predicament, that can create more stress for you. Enlist the help of a friend or Home Instead CAREGiverSM if you can’t be there with Mom or Dad.

Cholesterol Not All Bad for Seniors, Researchers Say

A study finds that people with higher cholesterol intake also had the highest muscle strength gain, a positive development for seniors who are staying active. But even if your senior loved ones are reaping the benefits of regular exercise, encourage them to follow their doctor’s orders on nutrition and medications, and get assistance at home if needed.

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