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Senior Diet Plan Should Begin with Doctor's Visit

Diet plans for older adults can be tricky business. That's because experts say that caloric intake should decrease even though nutritional needs remain the same as we age. That's why any diet for older adults should begin with a doctor's visit.

Fewer Calories, Longer Life, Researchers Say

Less is more when it comes to eating for a long-lasting life. Research reveals that caloric restriction has been shown to slow the aging process in primates. Companionship also is an important part of healthy eating, a good reminder to make the most of mealtimes for seniors by inviting over a friend.

Living Large

It might be called the tale of two Boomers: One day you hear that older adults have never been healthier; they're working out and buffing up at YMCAs and fitness clubs throughout America, and living longer as a result. At the same time, half of middle-aged adults between 55 and 64 have high blood pressure and two and five are obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. A recent study by Purdue University reveals a more complex picture of the cost of obesity for Boomers…

Improving The State Of Aging In America

Do today's seniors take better care of themselves than a decade ago? What are the indicators, and what can older adults today do to stay healthy and active?

Cooking Under Pressure

The Home Instead® network is arming seniors and family caregivers with nutrition resources for healthy aging.

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