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Work Life Balance: How to Balance Work and At-Home Care (2 of 5)

In this video "Work-Life Balance," Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about how to balance work and in-home care. She discusses the negative effects of not having balance in one's life, starting with what work-life balance does, and doesn't mean.

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  1. December 26, 2010 at 1:19 pm | Posted by Sumati

    It is very nice to listen to your video type. I am care giver from childhood. I was first a caregiver to go with Doctors to see the patients in the village, then I was caregiver to my brother's children, then my own child who grew with two kids. I was caregiver of my husband and mother - they passed away long ago. I feel very depressed to remember their loss then I started giving care giver old . I am Master in Socialogy and I do give counselling, exercises games, food and whatever they need. It is my great pleasue to work for them so I can earn and spend my day or night with them for 5 years. I had training for hospice. It is painful see them dying then I remembered them second coming of Christ to them in heaven. This job need to give emotional touch otherwise no use of working.


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