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Middle-aged woman trying to start a conversation with her elderly father.

Resources Could Help Caregivers Talk to Seriously Ill

It’s no surprise that senior loved ones sometimes avoid necessary end-of-life discussions. If you’re a family caregiver, be prepared for the inevitable tough talks that may be needed with older family members. The Home Instead Senior Care® network’s 40-70 Rule program can help when it’s time to start discussing these sensitive subjects.

3 Types of Grief a Care Partner May Encounter

Senior CAREGiver helping an elderly man.

Caregiving a Great Job for ‘Seasoned’ Citizens

Employment for many people who have reached retirement age is no longer an option, and a job has even become a necessity in some cases. The Home Instead Senior Care® network offers caregiving opportunities for seniors who like to help other seniors.

The Balancing Act of Caregiving and Career

Alzheimer’s Caregiving: How to Help Prevent Your Loved One’s Needs from Adversely Affecting Your Own Health

What to do When the Caregiving Journey Ends?

Tips to Help Spouses Survive 4 Stressful Caregiving Situations

What to do When the Caregiving Journey Ends? (Canada)

Why You Deserve a Good Night's Sleep

Life After Caregiving: Coping with the Emotional Impact

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