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Resources available to help

Resources Available to Help Struggling Family Caregivers

The toll of family caregiving can be mind-boggling. That's why it's important to reach out for the resources that can serve as a respite and alleviate the stress.

Running on empty

Running on Empty

New Home Instead Survey/Web Data Indicate Stress Takes a Dramatic Toll on Those Caring for Older Adults

How to find more me time

How to Find More "Me" Time

Caregivers who insist on time for themselves within a busy life have more energy and are better able to weather stress. And that allows them to be more reliable to those who depend on them.

Daily home care

Providing Home Care for an Older Adult: A Good Fit?

When someone you're caring for begins to need daily care, one option is to set up systems to provide care in her own home. Whether this will work depends on many factors, including her health and your ability to give or hire care. The first step is to realistically review what's involved

Asking others for help

How to Ask Others for Help

Caregiving is and should be a family responsibility. But oftentimes if a spouse is not available or able to be the caregiver, the primary caregiving responsibilities for one or both parents, tend to fall

Manage stress

Caregivers Need Care Too: Tips on Managing Caregiver Stress

Just 15-20 minutes here and there each day when you can focus on yourself will make a world of difference in managing your caregiver stress. According to a new Home Instead survey, 55 percent of the family caregivers that eventually employed their

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