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Caregiving Support Groups and Other Resources

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The responsibilities of caregiving can lead to feelings of isolation and abandonment. Caregivers' social lives often shrink or disappear. Friends and family want to help, but often don’t know how. And caregivers don’t know where to turn for support and advice.

Often, a support group can be a life-saver, allowing caregivers to talk to others who are experiencing the same joys and challenges, and who can not only empathize, but offer valuable insights and suggestions.

Here’s a list of organizations that offer support groups and other resources. Most of these organizations include a search feature on their site to help you find a local office or group.

To find support groups for specific diseases and conditions, consider some of these:

Last revised: May 16, 2013

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. August 12, 2021 at 12:59 am | Posted by Sandra E Robbs

    My husband, who is 69, has been confined to a wheelchair for a little over a year. I have been his only caregiver during this whole time. I am 67 and have MS. I suffer from fatigue on a daily basis. And taking care of my invalid husband makes the fatigue even worse. I don't get out of the house except for doctors appointments, the pharmacy and grocery store. My sister lives in another state and I haven't gotten to see her for almost two years. She has also been very stressed since her husband passed away four months ago. She is wanting to take me on a beach trip since she says both of us need a much needed and deserved break. But I need someone to take care of my husband while I'm gone.


  2. July 2, 2020 at 8:57 am | Posted by Ethan Tara

    I had COPD for over three years, I was beyond scared! but sometimes I think is God prodigy that I was able to treat my COPD but multivitamincare .org herbal remedies has a big impact on my recovery. My lung function test indicated 44% capacity. After having had flu as well, the shortness of breath, coughing and chest pains continued even after being treated with antibiotics. I've been smoking two packs a day for 36 years. The problem was having is that I enjoy smoking and don't want to give up! Have tried twice before and nearly went crazy and don't want to go through that again. I saw the fear in my family eyes when I told them about my condition then they start to find solution on their own to help my condition.I am an 59 now who was diagnose COPD emphysema which I know was from my years of smoking. I started smoking in school when smoking was socially acceptable. I remember when smoking was permitted in hospitals. It was not known then how dangerous cigarettes were for us, and it seemed everybody smoked but i was able to get rid of my COPD lung condition through the help of total cure herbal foundation my husband bought, Multivitamin Herbal Care has the right herbal formula to help you get rid and repair your lungs and cure you totally with their natural organic herbs. I wish anybody who starts smoking at a young age would realize what will eventually happen to their bodies if they continue that vile habit throughout their life,it advisable to always try natural herbs at first because www .multivitamincare .org neutralize my COPD which surprise everyone at home.


  3. December 7, 2019 at 10:26 am | Posted by Juanita Brinkley

    I hope this helps my sister was on hospice...after feeding her I found a theatre she went to a play my deceased brother had taken her.. The thrift store aided by finding a perfect dress and for s few hours she had good memories and self esteem that picture was projected on Facebook to all her childhood friends and she felt excited to recognize the women in the mirror.


  4. December 7, 2019 at 10:12 am | Posted by Juanita Brinkley

    You are a caregiver..but a person as well. Do you feel if you volunteer at a church or social setting your mom will be endangered? Solve your problems don't project them as a life sentence of deprived social networking


  5. December 7, 2019 at 10:07 am | Posted by Juanita Brinkldy

    Maybe their grieving...illness complicates people's schedules life styles as simple as it may be but grief should not be supported by are grieving too... Do you have a photo album to a it and share with your mom..I always thank God I had better may help you bond with good memories.


  6. December 7, 2019 at 10:02 am | Posted by Juanita Brinkley

    Alzheimer is confusing loss of memory compounded by fear and anger...s schedule will help to adjust to her surroundings...I get up at three make coffee again at 6 just to reassure someone is there.. no conversation just a secure cup of coffee to show she is safe not alone...


  7. December 7, 2019 at 9:57 am | Posted by Juanita

    I am a caregiver to my younger sister..It is becoming more difficult as she decided I am her designated rage personnel. No matter how hard I try she won't communicate or except me as a person who genuiely cares about her. Her atitude is poor and sometimes delusional andvengenful. She isolated herself and thinks the worse thoughts then believed her isolated from prior abuse ...sometimes people believe abuse is normal and kindness is someone stupid...takes great strength to be kind so I bite that tongue because logic is no longer her strong point hurts so bad.watching someone disinigrate before your eyes and no amount of love kindness will save them.


  8. December 1, 2019 at 9:35 am | Posted by Elba Rosario

    I am a Caregiver for both my parents my mom had to strucks and dad is going thru depression and heart problems they also have other illnesses that i wont mention. My sister who was taking care of them died suddenly and I took over it has been hard and i miss my sister dearly but how do you try to take care of two people when one doesn't want to be part of our life


  9. November 21, 2019 at 7:41 pm | Posted by Jennifer

    I've been taking care of my mother since the age of 19. She's a stroke patient. I'm now 33 years old and feel very stressed, deprived of life, and lonely. I could really use some advice. I don't know if I can continue much longer.


  10. November 16, 2019 at 2:17 pm | Posted by Robert Kershaw

    I want to share with you a new book out. IF I DIE BEFORE I WAKE, A CAREGIVERS JOURNEY BY ELI SHAW. AMAZON or Westwood Publishing


  11. October 31, 2019 at 11:35 am | Posted by David Moore

    It's been 2-1/2 years since my mothers passed from Alzheimer's Disease. She lived in my home and I cared for her from initial diagnosis until she passed (13 years). I worked from a home office (for a publishing company) while managing her caregivers during the day and caring for my mom through the night. Unbelievably I'm now considering leaving my job and finding another Alzheimer patient for which to care 20 to 25 hours per week. I say "Unbelievably" because the 13 year experience nearly killed me (on multiple occasions). Does anyone know if what I'm considering is common / successful or suicidal?


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