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The responsibilities of caregiving can lead to feelings of isolation and abandonment. Caregivers' social lives often shrink or disappear. Friends and family want to help, but often don’t know how. And caregivers don’t know where to turn for support and advice.

Often, a support group can be a life-saver, allowing caregivers to talk to others who are experiencing the same joys and challenges, and who can not only empathize, but offer valuable insights and suggestions.

Here’s a list of organizations that offer support groups and other resources. Most of these organizations include a search feature on their site to help you find a local office or group.

To find support groups for specific diseases and conditions, consider some of these:

Last revised: May 16, 2013

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Thoughts and stories from others
  1. February 7, 2019 at 7:16 am | Posted by Joanna

    Im 32 and have been caring for my mom for many years. I live w both my parents but my dad is over 70 and has all over arthritus and asthma but my mom is the main one ive been caring for. She has MS a diabetic osteoarthritus and one knee thats bone on bone the other shes had replaced. I basically take care of my whole household. We recently had her brother and his wife visit and reported us to the adult protective services. We got a visit a few days ago and not sure whats going to come of it i was beyond shocked if our own family had concerns why they didnt talk to us to see what our plan were to fix or addreess anything they had concerns about. We dont abuse my mom in any manor shes difficult at times and says horrible things i try to suck it up but it still hurts and i make sure she changes herself regularly shes only 63 so shes def still a fighter and even doing things like that or washing become an argument on some days. She is incontinent and has accidents having MS she cant control her issues so she wears diapers and uses pads in bed. However we do have issues w money and making repairs for like $1000 and around the house all at once is not an option like my aunt and uncle can so why they never offered to help instead of report my dad n i is beyond me. Im having such anxiety now that there going to take my mom n our pets im not even sure if they can and nobody said anything about it happening i just cant stop thinking about this. Im a huge worrier always have been. My aunt also has been calling the house non stop today and walked into my moms room today to see her crying on the phone and knew she was talking to my aunt. Why she wiuld call after doing this and not expecting everyone to be upset is beyond me. The things she said were just crazy and hurtful and honestly just nutty w her accusations. Mind you these ppl are not constantly involved w me or my family the last time we saw her bro was like 5 yrs ago if nt longer. So there making crazy accusations about my mom and her living situation. Honestly this doesnt even feel real. She said she was also recording me and our phone call. I told her she is not to have contact w my mom and god knows how long im even gonna have left w my mom and to have it be spent like this w ppl causing major stress and accusations and now the constant worry was not worth it and that i was blocking her # oh she also kept saying she will keep reporting us after this as well. In a lil backstory my mom has a tendency to embellish things when shes mad she always has we actually got aps called on us a few yrs ago because she was talking about my dad n i...i assume venting frustrations and they took her seriously and reported us mind you it went nowhere because it was just not true and the case was closed. So hopefully if we do need to improve something or fix whatever the social worker says this will be all over. Im just not giving up my dogs ( they are the only things that keep me sane in this situation) or my mom. I wish ppl knew from the outside how tough this can be and show a lil compassion and not jump to judgement especially not knowing the facts.


  2. December 30, 2018 at 1:38 pm | Posted by Amy Miller

    I can relate to every single person on here. First off, I want to tell each and everyone of you that you are amazing, strong, compassionate human beings that are in extremely difficult and unbearable situations. I am 55 years old and has always been the caretaker of our family. First it started with my sister when she had a horrible care accident and my mother was too depressed to care for Christie full time. Then it was my grandparents and now my 90 yr old father that had a stroke, pacemaker, hip replacement. So he needs help bathing and getting dressed every morning. My mother is 85 and her moods are changing for the worst. She can be mean and very negative. My mother accuses me of taking better care of my father which feels like a knife to my back. I cook, clean, give meds, Drs appts for both parents, pay their bills and do their taxes. I have Systemic Lupus and Heart Murmur and sometimes I feel like taking a bottle of sleeping pills but I don't because I cannot bear the thought of my parents in a nursing home. Especially my dad because he is very sweet and sensitive. Sorry if I am rambling it just feels so good to get this out. I have not been able to work and save up money so I have additional stress of how am I going to live once my parents pass. My mother promised me a long time ago that she would always have a life insurance policy in my name for $500,000 so I would have money to live on. Basically it was a payoff for me to take care of everyone. Just found out last year that she dropped the policy years back due to how expensive it had become. Even after that I have continued to care for her with love and compassion. I feel trapped in a life that has no way out. I am single and have one son that has emotional problems. So I'm actually taking care of three people. Thank you for listening.


  3. October 18, 2018 at 4:49 am | Posted by JORGE

    Thank you for sharing my situation is kinda similier i take care of my mom and she isnt patient at all and usually cranky and board and doesnt ever wanna do anything but sit there and complain she is on dyalisis 3days a week and comes out pretty worn out and im not working or making a living out of it but i am loossing allot of my kufe and time for taking care of her couse i did the same for grandma when she passed away but reading these messages helps and also going to church and bible studies and venting to them about my loosing patients and not making anymoney for taking care of her i tried to get paid for it but it was a jk for only 6hrs a week i can do that recycling cans out of the trash so any way thanks for sharing youre story it makes me feel better that im not the only one in these kinds of life battles Amen and God bless all who care for others that need help LETS NOT FORGET THAT JESUS SAID WHATEVER WE UNTO THESE ITS LIKE WE DOING IT TO HIM AMEN GOOD NIGHT


  4. October 8, 2018 at 9:41 pm | Posted by Joyce

    Taking care of mother with dementia. I work full time. I am 68 years old, mother is 89. I hired a nurse to be with her 9 to 4 Monday thru Friday. I do weekends and nights. I buried my older brother October 2017. He was my helper with Mother. I handled her medical, bills, shopping. Etc. I had mini sttoke last month. No side effects. Now my doctor says I need a relief from so much stress. He knows the situation quite well, has been my doctor for twenty years. I have always been a strong person. But things seems to be more than I can handle. Always tired, not sleeping, irritable with co-worker, no energy, want to find something to do to relax. Any suggestion?j


  5. September 5, 2018 at 1:05 pm | Posted by Shelley Carpenter

    I read your story and felt like I read mine. While I am not Hispanic, I am the guilt ridden care taker for my mom. Having two parents to care for at this time would send me over the cliff. My dad passed 20 years ago, my mom married a second time, moved to Texas and for 8 years I did pretty well. I would visit her twice a year and after her second husband passed, the old demands came again. While my mom is now in skilled nursing, she's 95, she is mean. She's been mean all her life, even though she was a good mom. She loves to control. I had an emotional breakdown and still suffer with panic attacks. Struggling with her insurances, her finances has been so awful. Those companies know how to delay and ignore. I am tired, run down, nearly died a year and a half ago and it has taken me a long time to get back onto my feet. Just wanted you to know I am praying for you. I retired 13 years ago, have wonderful sons and daughter-in-law and 4 gorgeous grandchildren. I try to focus on them. I go to a women's bible study and that has helped me so much. I have pried myself from my mother's control issues. She lived with us for a short time and God showed me this was not His best for her or for me. Making changes is hard at the time, then to work through them is hard and finally you come to rest in your soul that you have done right. Many care facilities take Medicare. Sending affection from an older woman who understands, Shelley


  6. September 3, 2018 at 6:10 pm | Posted by Judy

    I am also looking for a support group. I recently moved to my mothers house to take care of her. She will soon be 84 and has dementia. I was not prepared mentally for this. I have been overwhelmed to say the least... Her behavior is very bizarre at times. No family help and I have a very small circle of friends. It is difficult for me to socialize. The only time I am ‘free’. Is before 11:00am, as this is when she comes downstairs....


    • February 12, 2019 at 3:41 pm | Posted by Ruth anzalone

      Hi I sympathize with you! Im 63 and my mom is 83 and was diagnosed with dementia three years ago. She lives with my brother but iam retired so I stay here from 5:30 am to 4:00 pm. She has progressed into a hard to handle stage and im looking into supporting groups for both of us. I lose my temper then feel horrible thanks for listening


  7. August 20, 2018 at 7:34 am | Posted by Eyleen Hernandez

    Hello everyone, I am a caregiver to my mom who suffers,diabetes insulin dependent,dementia,cardiovascular disease,high blood pressure and end stage renal failure currently on dyalysis 3x week. Recently, she has been suffering sundowners and it’s confusing her day and night even give her 2 mg of Xanax to sleep every night. I am so tired, Frustrated, angry and physically hurting in my body. I had surgery just recently for a frozen shoulder and to top it off I have an internal tailbone that can’t be surgically removed that’s a hoot. Does anybody have any encouraging words or anything at all that I can try to even help with the sundowners.


    • October 29, 2018 at 7:25 am | Posted by Michelle

      my mom is currently experiencing it. I sometimes put on a show for her that helps her. My mom have the same diagnosis but not on dialysis. how does your mom do with dialysis. my dad did dialysis for 8 yrs and my mom sworn she does not want to do that if she ever had to go through that. Caring for a parent is hard and exhausting. and Yes tiring, physical draining and anger all combined and it's ok to feel angry. Praying for you and your health.


  8. August 8, 2018 at 6:54 am | Posted by Michele Gore

    I am 65 yrs old taking care of my 89 yr old mom. I moved in with her 4 months ago. She had a stroke. What I really need is help with paperwork. Planning how long the money will last,what can the VA do to help,if I have to sell her house etc. any Financial Assistance would be a great help for relieving my stress I would love to talk to anyone who has gone thru this and can advise me on this. Thanks.


    • August 25, 2018 at 8:14 am | Posted by Terry king

      Karen at va office in Milton Fla or any other va office.


    • January 7, 2019 at 12:28 am | Posted by Mimi

      I also care for my Elderly mother for VA assistance try Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services May God bless all Elder parents caregivers


  9. July 29, 2018 at 7:33 pm | Posted by Jeanette harris

    I need a support group I care for a disabled husband


    • August 14, 2018 at 4:34 pm | Posted by Tina

      I have been looking for one also. To meet with others caring for their spouse. Can't find one in my area. Have you went to yet? They have a caring for a spouse site that helps me.


    • September 27, 2018 at 9:05 am | Posted by Bill

      Where are you located jeanette?


  10. April 9, 2018 at 1:06 pm | Posted by Carmen

    Hi-I am a caregiver for both my father and mother (93 and 92 respectively). I also work a full time job which keeps me out of the house for at least 12 hours a day Monday through Friday. My mother has severe dementia and I have been caring for her over ten years. The last six years of which she has been living in her own senior apartment in the city of Newark, NJ. I currently pay family acquaintances to rotate hours with her Mon-Friday and on Saturday and Sundays I take up a 5-6 hour slack. She is totally disabled and needs everything done for - from feeding, cleaning to personal hygiene. She however is not my biggest problem. I already went through the hard part with her almost to the point where I was frantic with anxiety. In 2012 I decided to bring my father back to the states (was living in P.R) because his health was deteriorating rapidly and no one to take care of him. And in my thoughts I figured it would be easier to handle them if they were in close proximity of each other. Now here is where my anguish begins - my father is very old-school - a woman's place is in the home taking care of her family not out working or socializing. As far as I can remember I've always had issues with the fact that my two older brothers could do anything they wanted with no responsibilities or accountability for what they did or didn't do. So it has been on me to care for them. As an Hispanic woman this is my job, as my upbringing dictated and guilt was part of my life long lessons, to care for my parents as they cared for me. And I have come to the terms with this when it comes to caring for them. My problem now is that my father wants to monopolize my time at home and neglect all else including my husband and my daughter, step-daughter and grand children. In order for me to take time off I need to make up stories so that he won't pull a stunt where he will call for help to either myself or 911 because he is not feeling well. He has a home assistant that goes 5 days a week for 2 hours and helps him with his basic needs. But have come to the realization that he wants a wife (or maid) not a caretaker. I never smile anymore, very rarely socialize, and seem to always feel disconnected from everyone else and very emotional. Classic example of some of his stunts. In 2017 I went with my husband to PR to attend his father's funeral. I asked to him stay in my mother's apartment because she does have 24 hour private care while I was away - he refused. I left with a heavy heart however leaving instructions with my eldest daughter and his health assistant to keep an eye for him. On the 3rd day of the funeral I received a call from his aide that his blood pressure was at it's lowest and that he was saying he might be having a heart attack - I called my daughter, who then called 911 and rushed him to the hospital. After a series of tests he was left overnight for observation. I flew home the next day to find him sitting up in his hospital bed flirting with the nurses and on the way home he had me stop for fried chicken. A second example that just happened recently was I had mentioned I had a wedding to attend to this past weekend. I once again asked him to stay with my mom since I would be home late. He once again refused. Before leaving I made sure he had taken his medications, he had eaten and was comfortable. Once at the wedding, enjoying myself something I do very infrequently, I get a phone call from him saying he was in excruciating pain and he needed to go to the ER - I was ready to leave when my husband held me back - I called my daughter and her husband went in my stead. When they arrived, he looked fine and his pain was an open sore that was raw. They took him to the ER and after a series of blood tests and exams found nothing wrong with him- gave him some suppositories and topical cream. It has been very difficult for me to break the guilt pattern that has been instilled in me for as long as I can remember. I know that I constantly enable him allowing him to treat like his personal slave but it is so hard for me to stand up to him. I need help finding a support group that can relate to the Hispanic mentality of the upbringing that has been instilled in me over 65 years. I feel like I live with Fred Sanford (for those of you who can remember him).


    • August 13, 2018 at 10:00 am | Posted by Theresa Guzman

      I am in a similar situation. Hispanic female 50. Took care of my father for his last 7 years. Now my mother lives with me & expects me to have no life. I work full time, have kids & grandkids. She makes me feel guilty every time i leave the house. The hardest part is she has dementia so, she continuously makes up stories and hears & sees strangers in the house. Constantly saying something is missing & blames me for allowing "those people" in the house. Truthfully, i have no friends. And my family shunted me when i put my dad in a hospice home for his last 7 days. (which were his wishes). Being a caregiver is lonely and unappreciative roll to take on. Its a true test of endurance. My best advice is to live your life. Don't feel guilty about having "me time". Have clear set boundaries and when they misbehave take things away. For example: i am silent when she misbehaves. Similar to putting a child into timeout. She thrives to get a rise out of me & when she doesn't, she returns to being nice. I plan for her to stay at my daughters for 1 night, every 2 weeks. So i can relax without guilt. Final thought... If you allow someone to take advantage of you, they will. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life. Give yourself the respect that you deserve.


    • October 29, 2018 at 7:20 am | Posted by Michelle

      I'm not hispanic but I definitely understand. I come from a Filipino family and there are expectations especially the youngest in the family. All responsibilities of taking care of family falls on the youngest and expect nothing less. I grew up where I have to respect my elders and oldest siblings. Both my brother and sister left after HS. I had to stay home to help take care of my ailing father. I went to a college near my home. My mom have control of the household. She wanted me to stay closed to home and have to be in her call. I stayed because of love and also guilt that my mom is taking care of my dad who's so much older than my mom. My dad was a little to care for just as long as he's fed and driving him around to get fresh air is fine. He didn't need a lot attention but mostly company. my dad passed away 15 years ago. fast forward. Moved away had a career and got married and had daughter. 4 years ago my mother suffered a stroke on her vacation in the Philippines. She's diabetic reason for her stroke. After her stroke she started having more heightened behavioral problems and her needs have to be met right away. I took care of her for 6 months after her stroke. it was hard because we were stationed somewhere I didn't have a lot of support. It was a new place to my family and it was at the time better for my mom to be with me since she lived alone in California. I explained to her that she needed to be closed by because she just suffered a stroke. but my mom is very stubborn and want everything her way. She was like that before but it was more hightened after the stroke. She would breakdown and she usually does this in public places. During this time my daughter was only a year old and my husband would go out to sea so I would be left with my 1 yr old and my mom who needs more attention than my 1 yr old. after 6 months we finally let her move back to her place but with part time help. Thank God for my cousin who helped me out. But after 2 yrs her mental condition have gotten worse. My husband had an opportunity to get stationed for a year near my mom's area and he decided to get the position so we could be close to her since he understands her needs. which I am grateful for him. But I feel like this also made things worse. My mom would call me and make it sound like an emergency but it wasn't. I would be with her all day and as soon as I get home from her house she would call me, she didn't want to stay with us but sometimes I would take her with me because it may seem easier. she wants all my attention on her. your stories of times where you were out and your dad would call reminded me of times when I spent 3 days with my mom with my daughter and husband was away so she got a lot of my attention. when he came home she wanted to go home so I took her home. when I'm finally spending time with my family she calls me to have me drop her off to my brother's house because her friends made plans with her but they haven't called her. I told her that their plans is not till later and they would call her. I told her to be patient. I told her that I can't get her because my husband and I rode bikes few miles from our house. but she didn't like my answer she she got upset called me few times and told me she wasn't feeling well. when my husband and I got home I called her and she didn't answer my calls. I kept calling to the point I left my family to see if she's ok. She walked to her friend's place and told them that I've abandoned her. I was so upset because she was FINE and NOTHING was wrong with her. SHE took away time from me. my brother and sister didn't understand this because the whole time I took care of our parents and they've been away. She's done this few time and even with her care givers. She tells everyone how horrible her children are and even the people who helps her and take care of her. before we moved to another location she has a 7 day care to help her with her day to day need and she goes to adult day care to keep her busy 5 days a week. After couple months of our move she started calling me and my brother who's now station in the same area as me. We would fly her to visit but within a day she would want to return home. then when she's home she tells us that she's lonely. She would be with us for the holidays but even that she's not. Its been exhausting. Now that her health starting to worsen. this summer my bother and I decided to bring her here because it's been really hard. she would have episodes where people who's caring for her even the adult day care doesn't know what to do with her. now that my brother and I share responsibilities with caring for her we feel like her behavior have escalated she would throw tantrums and have been doing this in public. We are trying our best not to put her in a home but both my brother and I have our families to care for and have minor children. My daughter is now 5 yrs old and she sees this happening. It's starting to affect her it. it's been really tiring and exhausting. She's not demanding to go home to her house. but then she would tell us that she needs but then when she would have her bad days she would tell us so many mean things. I really don't know what to do anymore.


  11. January 26, 2017 at 9:22 pm | Posted by Doreen Ryan

    I am fortunate to be in good health at 90 and living in my own home. Carp was helpful to give me a couple of web sites about support through the city of Edmonton and the Federal Government. My If you can help me I would be grateful. Lawyers are not interested. Do you have light housekeeping service ? Doreen


    • February 6, 2017 at 5:52 pm | Posted by Home Instead

      Hi Doreen, Wonderful to hear you're in good health and still independent at home! Home Instead Senior Care does provide light housekeeping services. There are two offices in the Edmonton area: We encourage you to get in touch and they'd be happy to work with you to set up services according to your care needs.


  12. January 3, 2017 at 3:02 pm | Posted by SteveR

    I care for my father fulltime. He's in nursing care on a memory care unit. They don't really do much for men, and there's little male interaction, either with other residents or care team members. Dad is thirsty for male interaction. He's a vet, but doesn't want to talk about jets or the war, and I find that he's bored a lot. We used to share everything, but now there's nothing to talk about that doesn't make him sad. So I just sit with him on days he's not very responsive and take each day as it comes, doing things together when he's responsive and has some physical energy. I need ideas, lots of ideas, to put into my toolkit. Things that will stimulate his interest. There has to be a place I can get these ideas. I'm constantly buying things (and mostly wasting money) trying to find things of interest. Going places doesn't always work because of his unstable energy level and his attitude changes day by day. Any help? Any ideas? Any place for support?


    • January 24, 2017 at 7:05 pm | Posted by Kira Regianto

      I am a care manager and can relate to what you said. So many people in memory care are waited on, and therefore have no purpose to their day. I like to encourage my clients to do as much as they can for themselves.Music can be a great activity together. Playing a song and asking your dad his memories of the age/time it first came out, singing it together, etc. can be entertaining.With my clients, I try to bring in a book on a topic that is/was of interest and slowly go through pages. With one man it was on baseball and he could tell me about the fields and some famous games. If a person makes a comment from a certain picture, I use that to start a thread of conversation along that line. Photo albums can be used, but not to repetitively ask "who is this, who is that" if the person can't answer due to memory loss.Best of all - getting out of the community for a walk around the block (or via wheelchair), sitting outside, going for a drive, all help.Good luck, hope these ideas helped. Kira Reginato


  13. December 16, 2016 at 9:13 pm | Posted by Chelsea

    I am a in-home caregiver, and lately it's been getting more stressful, and I always go above and beyond for my client, even doing work on my days off. I have been crying alot lately, losing sleep, and not going out enough on my days off! I care for my client, but take my problems home with me! How do I detach from work on my days off!?


  14. September 5, 2016 at 1:56 am | Posted by Donna

    Yes, Where are the support groups for Autistic Adults? Please see our Fb page ...Brian Blakey from Arizona. My son is 37 and has been sick and disabled for 35 years and needs 1-1 care 24/7/365. I'm almost 60 with many medical problems of my own and no help in sight for either of us. ....I'm not the only older parent out there. There are many.


    • September 12, 2016 at 2:51 pm | Posted by Home Instead

      Donna, I did a search and found "Autism Society of Greater Phoenix" You can find their website at:


  15. February 26, 2015 at 1:03 pm | Posted by Debra Hammel

    do you have support group for autism..Parents need help with the long term care of the adult disabled person along with help outside the community thank you please let me know..i am a widow with a young man that is my son that needs professional assistance thank you


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