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Family Caregiver Distress Assessment Tool

Caring for an older adult can be among the most fulfilling experiences for any family caregiver. So many tasks bring pleasure as you give back to someone who may have given you so much. However, even as you lovingly provide support to a senior, you may have problems managing and balancing that support with your own busy life.

Caregiver Distress Risk Factors

Sometimes the responsibilities of caring for a family member can go beyond just “stressing you out,” and instead can put you at risk for developing long-term health issues. When the pressures of caregiving build up, a family caregiver can move from just being stressed to actually suffering from "distress."

Caregiving Support Groups and Other Resources

Caregiving can be a lonely experience. Use this list of resources to find a local support group.

Caregiver Stress Can Lead to Caregiver Distress

The pressures of providing senior care can cause long-term health complications for the care provider. The stress of caregiving can actually build up to cause caregiver distress.

Are You A Caregiver?

More than 44 million individuals in the U.S. and Canada are family caregivers. Yet few of these family caregivers identify themselves as such. Why?

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