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Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others

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You're at work. The phone rings. Caller ID shows it's your mom. You sigh. Shake your head and wish the call would just go away. You think, "I was just there. What does she need now? How am I possibly going to get my work done?"

Most caregivers have other important and pressing responsibilities, so the added responsibility of caring for a senior loved one is likely to cause both emotional and physical stress on the caregiver. In fact, according to a survey by Home Instead, 31% of family caregivers admit they'd like more help.

The first step in dealing with caregiver stress is to recognize the physical signs.

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How to Balance Work and At-Home Care (1 of 5)

In this video series, certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead® talks about how to balance work and in-home care.

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Work Life Balance: How to Balance Work and At-Home Care (2 of 5)

In this video "Work-Life Balance," Mary Alexander from Home Instead discusses the negative effects of not having balance in one's life, starting with what work-life balance does, and doesn't, mean.  

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Creating a "Care Team": How to Balance Work and At-Home Care (3 of 5)

In this video "Creating a Care Team," Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about how to get support for your caregiving activities, to bring more balance to your life.

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Employer Programs: How to Balance Work and At-Home Care (4 of 5)

In this video "Employer Programs," Mary Alexander from Home Instead talks about some employer-offered programs and alternative work options that might give you more time for your care giving responsibilities.  

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Taking Care of Yourself: How to Balance Work and At-Home Care (5 of 5)

"Taking Care of Yourself" offers busy family caregivers advice on how to unwind and cope with the many responsibilities on their shoulders.

Home Care Helps Lessen Personal and Professional Cost of Caregiving

You’ve not been the same since your dad got sick. In fact, you’re not feeling the best lately either. Last time you were at the doctor your blood pressure was up. And the stress of worrying about whether or not Dad is safe is keeping you awake at night and making it harder to focus at work.

Middle-aged woman trying to start a conversation with her elderly father.

Resources Could Help Caregivers Talk to Seriously Ill

It’s no surprise that senior loved ones sometimes avoid necessary end-of-life discussions. If you’re a family caregiver, be prepared for the inevitable tough talks that may be needed with older family members. The Home Instead® network’s 40-70 Rule program can help when it’s time to start discussing these sensitive subjects.

Senior CAREGiver helping an elderly man.

Caregiving a Great Job for ‘Seasoned’ Citizens

Employment for many people who have reached retirement age is no longer an option, and a job has even become a necessity in some cases. The Home Instead® network offers caregiving opportunities for seniors who like to help other seniors.

Alzheimer’s Caregiving: How to Help Prevent Your Loved One’s Needs from Adversely Affecting Your Own Health

Tips to Help Spouses Survive 4 Stressful Caregiving Situations

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