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Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others

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You're at work. The phone rings. Caller ID shows it's your mom. You sigh. Shake your head and wish the call would just go away. You think, "I was just there. What does she need now? How am I possibly going to get my work done?"

Most caregivers have other important and pressing responsibilities, so the added responsibility of caring for a senior loved one is likely to cause both emotional and physical stress on the caregiver. In fact, according to a survey by Home Instead, 31% of family caregivers admit they'd like more help.

The first step in dealing with caregiver stress is to recognize the physical signs.

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5 Signs Your Employee Needs Caregiving Support . . . and What You Can Do About It

Caring for an older adult could be taking a toll on your employee that might jeopardize productivity and risk the loss of an otherwise excellent worker. Here are five signs that caregiving could be putting your employee at risk.

Supporting Family Caregivers in the Workplace is a Good Business Practice

With an aging population, employers need to be prepared to support workers who take on caregiving responsibilities at home. According to the Institute for Research on Public Policy, nearly half of Canadians have already reported providing care at some point in their lives, and with Canada’s aging population, that number is only expected to grow.

Caregiver Friendly Business Practices

Home Instead® has developed the following Caregiver Friendly Business Practices to encourage both employers and employees to help make family caregiving a win-win in the workplace.

Quiz: Can you take time off work to care for Mom?

You typically have nine months to prepare for the birth of a child, but sometimes it can feel like you have only nine seconds to prepare for a crisis with your senior loved one. Are you ready? And if you work, how will you balance it all?

Take the quiz to see how much you know about potential resources when you are working while caring for a loved one.

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