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Senior Safety

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Nearly 90 percent of seniors say they want to stay in their home. Doing so gives them a wonderful sense of continued independence.

But having mom or dad live alone can be a source of worry for their adult children. The, "What if?" scenarios can often overwhelm the mind. "What if she falls down?" "What if he forgets something on the stove?" "What if she doesn't tell me it's getting harder for her to get around?"

If you feel like this, you're not alone. In 2007 the AARP surveyed boomer women and found that two-thirds are concerned about their parents' ability to live independently.

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Heel Toe Raises

Heel toe raises help older adults improve the strength of their lower leg muscles which are important for balance during walking.

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One Legged Stand

One legged stands are important for older adults to practice to maintain strength in their center of gravity.

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Heel Toe Walk

This exercise helps maintain balance while moving, like stepping to the side or over things.

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Walking on Toes

Flexible walking patterns are important for older adults, and this exercise helps maintain strength while they walk.

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The Rx Talk

It's time to talk to your parents about prescription drugs.

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The Conversation

Nobody wants to parent their parents, but driving could be putting your senior at risk. It's time to talk to your parents about driving.

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Simple Modifications for Senior Home Safety Video

Erin Albers from Home Instead explains a few simple and‚Äč ‚Äčinexpensive ways that seniors can remain at home, where most want to safely age.

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Elderly Home Safety (1 of 5)

An introduction on the importance of being vigilant with home safety for your senior loved one, and the sense of comfort that comes with being prepared.

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Warning Signs that a Senior is Struggling: Elderly Home Safety (2 of 5)

"Warning Signs that a Senior is Struggling" talks about home safety for seniors, and shares with how to spot the warning signs that your parent or senior loved one might already be struggling with mobility and some ways to help

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Lighting and Security Measures to Make Life Easier: Elderly Home Safety (3 of 5)

Simple things you can do to make life easier for your senior loved one using lighting, color and security measures.

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