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Senior Housing and Care Options

Topics within Senior Housing and Care Options

If caring for your loved one has become too demanding or if it is just unsafe to leave the senior home alone for a period of time, it may be time to consider a new living arrangement.

Most seniors think that where they live is an all or nothing affair: stay at home or be sent to a nursing home. But to the contrary, there are a whole host of services and housing options available today that can fit a wide range of needs and life styles—including remaining in the family home.

Articles, Resources & Videos

Home: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Canada)

Research reveals that most seniors do want to age at home. Learn more about the issues of aging and what factors may help seniors decide whether to say in their longtime home or choose another place in which to age.

Slideshow: Top Five Aging in Place Home Pitfalls (Canada)

Understand the common home pitfalls seniors may face as they age in place, and some ways to fix them to make home safer.

Is Multi-Generational Living for You? (Canada)

Experts weigh in on considerations when determining whether families should live under one roof.

Top 10 Technologies and Products to Help You Stay Home (Canada)

Understand top technologies and products that can help older adults live at home as they age.

Two Ways to Fund a Home Remodel (Canada)

An expert weighs in on the top ways seniors could fund a home remodel in order to age in place longer.

5 Home Fixes Under $1,000 (Canada)

Discover inexpensive updates to help make a home safer for seniors.

Human Touch: The Role Companionship Plays in Aging at Home (Canada)

Technology can be great, but companionship and human contact are important parts of healthy aging.

Safe at Home: Combine Design Sense with Common Sense (Canada)

Discover the top home design styles and features that can help a senior age in place safely.

Top Five Reasons Seniors May Need to Leave Home (Canada)

Survey data sheds light on why homeowners may decide they cannot live independently anymore.

Taking Home With You: Rightsizing Doesn't Have to be Painful (Canada)

Moving can be difficult for some older adults because of the emotional connection people form with their homes and the memories it can hold. Discover strategies to make the transition easier.

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