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Technology and Computers

While some seniors struggle with computer skills or are fearful of technology, there are many positive aspects of staying connected with family, friends and the world. In this section are materials discussing the significant role the Internet, social networking sites, e-mail, chatting, video calling services such as Skype, and even online dating can play in the lives of mature adults.

Helping Seniors Remain at Home

Computers, smart phones and touch-screen tablets are some of the most valuable tools available to help older Americans remain in their homes as they age. Studies find that staying connected can lift spirits and even prevent depression. Computers can make life easier with online banking, shopping, and recording keeping. Read on to discover where to find computer courses, tutorials and community resources to help your loved one take advantage of the today's technologies.

Articles, Resources & Videos

How to Help a Senior Embrace Technology (U.S. Version)

How to Help a Senior Embrace Technology (Canadian Version)

Elderly woman on the computer

Making Friends with Your Computer

More seniors are becoming intrigued with internet technology and social networking tools such as Facebook. However, some older adults struggle with basic computer skills. Most communities have a variety of resources that can help seniors get connected and ensure they have the assistance they need to stay safe and independent at home.

Elderly woman working on her computer

Technology Helps Reduce Senior Depression, Keeps Families Connected

Seniors are sometimes fearful of the latest technology. But Internet services like Skype and email can keep them connected to family and friends, which could lift their spirits and help prevent loneliness and depression.

Seniors Finding Romance Online

Thanks to technology, looking for companionship has changed for singles of all ages. Online dating is one popular way to meet a mate, and web-based dating services now abound. But are they safe? Consider advice from the experts and the options that are now available for finding companionship at any age.

Elderly woman on her computer

Technology and Companionship Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer

The surging development of new gadgets is expected to help many in the growing elderly population postpone a move to assisted care facilities, but some of the electronic wizardry may compromise privacy. A Home Instead CAREgiverSM can provide the human touch any time, night or day.

Elderly lady on getting unwanted calls

Registry Still Helping Seniors Avoid Unwanted Calls

If you’re a senior at home and the telemarketers persist, get in touch with the Federal Trade Commission. “Do Not Call” remains an effective way to silence those unwanted phone solicitors. Think about assistance at home, too. A Home Instead CAREGiverSM could help keep you safe from intrusions on your privacy.

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