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Senior with her pet dog.

Community Volunteers Key to Helping Seniors Keep Pets

Dogs and cats can be a wonderful therapy — mentally and physically — for many senior loved ones, so making an extra effort to accommodate their pets will pay off. Sometime seniors who are struggling with aging issues need help to keep their four-legged friends healthy and well maintained.

Senior Dating: How to React When Mom Gets a Boyfriend

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Senior a Pet

How to Reclaim Your Life: 5 Tips to Break Out of Isolation

Single Seniors Don’t Have to be Lonely

Loneliness can take its toll on older adults who have lost a spouse or find themselves without regular companionship.

Seek Out Others After Death of Spouse

Picking up the pieces after the death of a spouse can take time. But when older adults are ready, encourage them to rejoin the world with their time and talents.

Romance Thrives in Long-Term Relationships, Study Reveals

Death or divorce creates a painful void. Help ensure that your senior loved ones who are widowed or divorced have companionship in their lives.

Lonely elderly man looking at camera.

Senior Loneliness: Take Initiative to Reconnect

Seniors might have to take the initiative to overcome lack of companionship by finding the right time to connect with their families or by seeking other outlets for friendship. Remember that Home Instead Senior Care is always there as well, providing companionship and support.

Death of Peers: A Difficulty of Aging

The only certain thing is death and taxes, as the saying goes. But that doesn't make losing family and close friends any easier. Help seniors make an effort to stay engaged in life when they suffer loss.

Lonely elderly woman

Loneliness Can Impact Seniors’ Health

Loneliness manifests itself in many harmful ways for seniors. Various studies have revealed that seniors who are lonely face an increased risk of depression as well as potential health problems such as high blood pressure. The value of companionship cannot be underestimated.

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