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Activities and social life may begin to wane for older adults who have lost spouses or are suffering from physical ailments. But staying active is still very important to the health and well-being of seniors no matter what their circumstance.

That's where family caregivers can help. Loved ones can encourage the seniors in their lives to find new ways to remain active if the old ones no longer work.

Whether it's assisting them in planting a garden, planning a trip or just reconnecting with old friends, it's never too late to offer that older adult in your life an encouraging word and a helping hand.

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National Park landscape

Ready to Hit the Road? Many National Parks Cater to the Older Crowd

If you’re a senior ready for adventure or a family caregiver arranging a trip for older loved ones, consider the U.S. national parks. U.S. national parks are a bargain for retirees, and seniors can enjoy nearly all of them without having to brave long hikes or climb on horses.

When Travel Expenses Put a Crimp in Senior Road Trips

Traveling can be expensive for older adults on a fixed income. Staying closer to home is always an option for seniors, particularly with a companion to make going out more fun.

Elderly woman cooking with her granddaughter.

Pacing Activities Helps Grandparents Enjoy Time with Youngsters

Visiting grandchildren can bring much joy to the lives of older adults. But some seniors may struggle with ways to keep kids busy. Check out the following activities and suggestions to help you get ready for the grandkids.

Seniors Never Too Old to Give Advice

Research from the Florida State University (FSU) should encourage you. The study found that while dementia may rob an older person of memory and focus, the ability to offer advice seems to be preserved.

Rote Memorization Could Improve Seniors’ Memories

Memorization has been found to be an effective way to keep the brain active, according to research. So, too, can a healthy lifestyle and companionship.

Vacationing Seniors on Meds Must Take Care to Prepare

Traveling may be complicated for older adults who often are on many medications. That’s why family caregivers who are traveling with seniors or assisting them with vacation plans should be ready to help.

Try to Keep Life Interesting For Homebound Senior Citizens

Seniors who find themselves confined to home and unable to do the things they have always loved are at increased risk of depression. A variety of resources can help, from computers to companionship.

Even Homebound Seniors Can Volunteer

Seniors who can’t leave their homes might find themselves feeling useless. But there are plenty of things they can do with a little ingenuity and help from a family or professional caregiver.

The Therapeutic Value of Music

Music brings much joy to people of all ages. As it turns out, music is valuable as a therapy as well.

Intergenerational Activities to Help Reduce Summertime Stress

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