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Based on your answers to the stress assessment tool questions, it appears that there is a minimal level of stress for you as a caregiver at this time. That could be because your senior family member or spouse requires a minimum amount of assistance or that you have a lot of support with the care you are providing. Your survey results indicate that you are handling your caregiving situation well.

While any caregiving situation causes at least some stress, your family caregiving responsibilities are at a level that do not require outside, professional assistance.  However, it is important to remember that a caregiving situation can change very quickly, particularly if your family member or spouse develops a debilitating medical condition, reduced cognitive ability (e.g., dementia), or if the senior loses a close friend, other family member or spouse that was relied upon for his/her needs (e.g., transportation, meal preparation, companionship, etc.).

We suggest you create a plan of care now to prepare for any increased caregiving responsibilities. Planning early will help eliminate some of the stress that comes from dealing with emergencies as well as changes in health and the ensuing increased needs of the senior.

The following links can help you begin the planning process:

Last revised: August 12, 2011

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