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Caregiver Support Can Help Ward Off Depression, Illness

Life changes may increase the risk of depression in older adults. And if seniors are caring for spouses or other family members, that stress can intensify feelings of depression and even lead to illness and conditions such as diabetes. One answer is respite assistance, which can help family caregivers escape, even for a few hours a day or week.

Depression, Heart Disease, Diabetes…Could it be Low Vitamin D?

Depression can be a serious disease in older adults and the causes are often varied. Surprisingly simple solutions sometimes help counteract depression such as vitamin supplementation, according to research, and companionship. It's always important to first have a doctor's assessment to determine the causes of depression and the best course of action.

Resources Can Help Seniors Recognize Depression

Depression in seniors is not to be taken lightly. A number of resources can help family caregivers identify the signs that their older loved one might be depressed and give them the resources they need to help them assist that senior. One such resource is the Home Instead® network, which can provide older adults with the companionship they oftentimes need to brighten their days.

Reminiscing Helps Ward off Depression, Study Reveals

Remembering career accomplishments can help older adults maintain happiness in their senior years, according to research. Companionship and the assistance of a professional caregiver can be an important component of happiness throughout life as well.

Blue Mood Be Gone

For Seniors Who Suffer From Loneliness and Depression, Help is Available

Elderly woman in hospital bed

Fifth of All Medicare Patients Readmitted to Hospital

Seniors who are released from the hospital too soon can encounter problems that are costly for their health as well as the Medicare system. That’s why it’s important to ensure that an elderly loved one has the appropriate follow-up care as well as help at home to heal and recover.

Aerobics and Weights Good for Seniors with Diabetes

Exercise can do so much in helping seniors manage health conditions such as diabetes. One study reveals the rewards of aerobic and weight resistance. And don't discount the benefits of companionship in motivating older adults.

10 Diabetes Superfoods Seniors Can Say “Yes!” To

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Diabetes (1 of 6)

Knowing how to prevent diabetes, and fully understanding its symptoms, are your best ways to stop this disease and its ramifications in its tracks.

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Preventing Diabetes in Older Adults: Diabetes (2 of 6)

Diabetes doesn't have to be a given. By incorporating these simple measures, you can live a happy, and healthy, life.

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