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Resources for Effective Family Communication Around Care

Returning Home communication resources

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I'm busy then. I can't get the time off from work. I don't know how I can possibly fit another thing into my schedule. I don't know what to do or what care to provide so I can't help. These are all things we may hear ourselves or our family members say when it comes to caregiving responsibilities for a senior loved one.

Often the time needed for caregiving and the associated tasks can seem daunting so avoidance is the easiest answer. But we all know that avoidance doesn't get the job done. So how can you ask for help and actually get family members to provide assistance with caregiving tasks? The following links will take you to a number of resources that outline various communications scenarios that can help you and your family come together to provide and/or get the care that your senior loved one needs.

50-50 Rule®: Managing Sibling Dynamics Family Caregiver Webinar

The 50-50 Rule®: Solving Family Conflict

The 70-40 Rule®

The 40-70 Rule®

Too Close for Comfort

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Last revised: April 20, 2012

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