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If caring for your loved one has become too demanding or if it is just unsafe to leave the senior home alone for a period of time, it may be time to consider a new living arrangement.

Most seniors think that where they live is an all or nothing affair: stay at home or be sent to a nursing home. But to the contrary, there are a whole host of services and housing options available today that can fit a wide range of needs and life styles—including remaining in the family home.

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Creating a Team Approach: In-Home Care During a Recession (6 of 7)

In this video "Creating a Team Approach," Mary Alexander from Home Instead gives you some ideas for creating a team approach to helping your senior get care during tough financial times.

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Getting Paid for Your Caregiving Services: In-Home Care During a Recession (7 of 7)

In this video "Getting Paid for Your Caregiving Services," Mary Alexander from Home Instead explains ways that you may be able to get paid for your caregiving services, including through Medicaid's "Cash and Counseling" or a similar program.

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How to Choose an In-Home Care Provider (1 of 5)

In this video series "How to Select An In-Home Care Provider" Mary Alexander from Home Instead offers some pointers on how to have a conversation with your parents about the need for extra care and exactly what roles professional caregivers play. The videos in this series give you tips and guides for how to select an in-home care provider, including agency and caregiver credentials; how to make sure your decision is going to be the safest choice, and what protections you should inquire about; and finally reliable resources for more information and guidance.

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How to Know if You Need an In-Home Care Provider: How to Choose an In-Home Care Provider (2 of 5)

"How to Know if You Need an In-Home Care Provider" describes some of the signs that your aging parent may need help at home, and explains the types of services a professional caregiver can provide.

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In-Home Care Agency Credentials: How to Choose an In-Home Care Provider (3 of 5)

"In-Home Care Agency Credentials" talks about what agency credentials to look for and what you should ask before hiring an in-home care agency.

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In-Home Care Provider Credentials: How to Choose an In-Home Care Provider (4 of 5)

"In-Home Care Provider Credentials" talks about caregiver credentials and what questions to ask before hiring someone.

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Patient Safety, Rights and Protections: How to Choose an In-Home Care Provider (5 of 5)

"Patient Safety, Rights and Protection" explains the steps you should take to ensure that an in-home care agency is doing everything possible to protect your loved one's safety and rights, such as privacy.

Navigating the Senior Care Maze - Family Caregiver Support Webinar Series

Dr. Amy D'Aprix and Mary Alexander discuss the importance of encouraging family members to know about their parents vital information, including medications, doctors, and medical appointments.

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Senior Care Resources (1 of 5)

As we and our loved ones age, needs change and new matters arise, that call for specialized services and care. Many of these issues can be grouped into three categories which are covered in this video series. First is health; second is living or home; and third is financial and legal.

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Senior Health Resources - Senior Care Resources (2 of 5)

Many elder care resources exist in our communities; this is especially true of those which can help with home health care, personal care, activities of daily living and nutrition services.

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