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A Growing Part of the Medical-Care Continuum

Paid In-Home Care: A Growing Part of the Medical-Care Continuum (PDF 716 KB)
Academic research commissioned by Home Instead indicates that professional in-home non-medical care can be an integral part of the care continuum for seniors who also receive treatment from healthcare professionals. More specifically, the research shows that for older adults, non-medical in-home care is associated with several important benefits.

Last revised: August 25, 2011

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  1. March 28, 2020 at 7:49 pm | Posted by kerry acia

    care for more than one family member has very high stress with no benefits from our government it saves millions of tax payers but the work is given free because its your family and they are old not to mention the way they handle you if you don't have info at your fingertips its even harder I been dealing with it for almost a decade and even though our government lack of help falls short we save the working force millions maybe billions because we are never counted unless we mostly women are juggling more than we can anyway so they let us slip by and why anyone who works free saves government money is such a good cover for a numbers guy! we are forgotten and wont need help in the future because the refused for years to count us... more than one elderly family member when your the only one they can count on is stressful all they do is try to feed you full of calm down meds and you got issues lets put you on a list of clinics to try to suppress you and not empower you for your efforts.. they will one day know how important it is for in home care from family but not soon so as this crazy relief funds are being dished out to people who care for there kids "0" us!!!


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