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Health care professional talking with a family caregiver.

Guidance for Assessing Family Caregivers

As a health care professional, you assess patients all the time. And until recently you may not have been asked to assess the patient's family caregiver, except to identify that person as a contact or resource when developing a discharge plan.

Understanding the Unique Stressors of Working Caregivers

3 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Diabetes Complications

Senior Dietary Restrictions: Resource Guide

4 Ways Partnerships Improve Dementia Care

Doctor gives a diagnosis of dementia to an elderly woman.

Patients with Dementia Deserve a Dignified Diagnosis

Every individual with Alzheimer’s has a diagnosis story. Receiving the news marks the beginning of a drastic life change for the individual and his or her family, and the way a doctor communicates that change can hugely impact the nature of their Alzheimer’s journey.

Understanding the Unique Stressors of Working Caregivers(Canada)

3 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Diabetes Complications - Canada

How Seniors Can Plan for Their Best Life in Older Age

Wandering Tips to Help the Alzheimer's Caregiver

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