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The list of topics and issues caregivers face is seemingly endless. As a professional, you want to be able to provide research-based answers and information that can be used to aid caregivers as they strive to provide the best care for their aging loved one. Utilize the information in these sections to educate yourself, and share the resources with others who might find them beneficial.

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Senior Care Professionals Huddle to Prevent Scams on Care Community Residents

Sports teams huddle when it's time to strategize to counter the challenges of a looming opponent. Senior care professionals recently have found the need to huddle as well as part of a different type of game. They're looking to counter the deceptive practices of scammers who have developed new con games to target the elderly living in care communities.

Post-Diagnosis Guide for Alzheimer’s Patients and Families

When individuals receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, they and their families typically have the same basic question, "What now?"

Alzheimer's disease is a frightening, tiring and trying experience for family members directly involved in care.

3 Ways to Help Make Alzheimer’s Less of a Burden on Families

You’ve noticed the fear in their eyes, the sadness in their voice, and the exhaustion in their half-hearted smile. The burden of Alzheimer’s weighs heavily on your patients and their family members. You can help ease that burden. Here’s how.

Family Caregiver Support Webinar Series for Professionals

The Home Instead Senior Care® network’s Family Caregiver Support Web Seminar Series features free monthly seminars for senior care professionals on a variety of topics that can help set them apart as experts in their field.

“Be a Santa to a Senior” Program Gears Up to Bring Joy to Isolated Seniors

When spouses have passed on and family lives far away or visits infrequently, the approaching holiday season may not hold much for your senior patients and clients to look forward to. The Be a Santa to a Senior® program provides a way for senior care professionals and community members to help make sure isolated seniors aren’t forgotten.

Alzheimer’s Support: Treating the Family Caregiver as a “Secondary Patient”

Family caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias are hidden patients in need of support from senior care professionals. Recommending the right interventions can help lessen caregivers' burden while improving their ability to care for the patient.

How to Help Patients with Chronic Conditions Avoid Multiple Hospital Visits

Older adults suffering from one or more chronic conditions are no strangers to doctors’ offices and hospitals. You and your colleagues have likely seen many cases where frustrating limitations have turned into debilitating complications requiring hospitalization. While not all hospitalizations are avoidable, a number of interventions can help your senior patients better manage their chronic conditions to help reduce their risk of costly hospital visits and readmissions.

Reducing Dementia Risk: 5 Ways to Battle Loneliness

Diagnosing Dementia – Steps to Promote an Earlier Diagnosis

It’s no secret that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias among older adults is growing exponentially worldwide. What remains unspoken, however, are formal diagnoses for millions of those dementia cases. Here are three steps to help promote an earlier diagnosis and eight benefits of doing so.

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Caring for the Entire Senior- Mind Body and Soul - Webinar

Dr. Amy D'Aprix outlines the physical and emotional signs of aging, such as loss of energy or changes in mood that can inadvertently increase the risk of an older adult losing their independence.

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