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Top Five Activities for Your Sunday Dinner Experience (Canada)

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May 5, 2015

Family dinners aren’t just about food. If you’re looking for ways to really bond, consider these ideas for family activities that may bring new meaning to your Sunday dinner experience.

  1. Poll your Sunday dinner group and decide what show or movie you’d like to watch. How about a throw back? You can show the grandkids (or great-grandchildren) the programs you watched back in the day by checking out Netflix or other television/movie services. (Hint: If you want to bring back the ‘60s, you’ll readily find old episodes of “Bonanza” online.) Or, ask the younger generation to share a movie from their library.
  2. Make a list of family members’ favourite desserts.  Ask someone to volunteer to make (or buy) a family favourite for the next family dinner.
  3. Plan some time at a family dinner to discuss where everyone would like to go on their next vacation. (Or, if travelling is not in the budget, rent one of National Lampoon’s Vacation movies and prepare to laugh all night.)
  4. Share a hobby. If you’ve taken up walking, and the weather is nice, ask all family members to join you on a stroll through the neighborhood, helping those who might need a hand to participate. Or, if you’ve promised to help cousin Susie learn to knit, bring along the supplies.
  5. Why not use family dinner discussions to start on or enhance your family tree? Go to one of the many websites, such as, to explore your heritage, which is likely to help initiate conversations for many family dinners to come. A family tree is not the only way to leave a legacy. Think about a skill an older family member might be willing to pass to a younger family member – like woodworking, quilting or scrapbooking.

For more family dinner activities, and to take the Sunday Dinner PledgeSM, go to

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