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One of the most common complaints by seniors is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night. Do older folks really need less sleep? You may be surprised to learn that sleeping less than 7½ hours a day may increase the risk of heart disease in older adults.

Sleep Disorders and Night Fright

While sleep rhythms do change with age, there are numerous other factors that can cause sleep disorders and the night frights that plague many seniors. The use of sleep remedies and prescription insomnia drugs is on the rise, but experts believe they may actually compound the problem. Learn how various medications and illnesses such arthritis, bladder problems, heart conditions and dementia can interfere with sleep patterns. The articles in this section also cover the topic of apprehension at being alone at night and solutions to help your loved one capture that elusive good night's sleep on a regular basis.

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Snoozing May Not Be So Peaceful for Seniors

Sleep problems may plague older adults for a variety of reasons. The Home Instead network offers family caregivers tips for helping seniors get a better night’s sleep. Companionship is one important way to help.

Elderly woman sitting on her bed.

Senior Women Who Snooze Soundly Age Healthy

A big key to a restful night and a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a consistent sleep routine that includes few or very short daytime naps and avoiding caffeine at night. Nighttime support and companionship also could help.

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Night Fright

Whether the causes are physical, psychological or related to a disease such as Alzheimer's or other dementia, the Home Instead network® has found that nighttime can be very frightening for seniors, especially those who live alone. Problems that occur at night with seniors are rooted in physical changes that result from aging, many of which are often connected to sleep disorders.

Less Sleep Could Lead to Heart Disease, According to Research

The conditions of aging sometimes make a good night's sleep a difficult goal to achieve. If you're an older adult having problems sleeping – or if you're caring for one – why not schedule a doctor's physical and consider extra caregiving companionship.

Older Adults May Need Less Sleep

Rest for the mind and body can elude seniors as they age. That's because several issues of aging such as illness and increased medication use can contribute to interrupted sleep. Caregiving companionship is one antidote to address the apprehension that sometimes plagues seniors who can't sleep at night.

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