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We all know that exercise is good for the body and the mind, and research shows that it's especially true for seniors. There's mounting evidence that physical activity can delay decline in later years. Even those who start exercising at age 85 can experience benefits, live longer and are more likely to remain independent.

Staying Active Has Multiple Benefits

Among the materials in this section are resources for caregivers who want to help their loved one get moving, eat better and stay active. The articles included here offer compelling proof that exercise can minimize the effects of conditions like diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and even cancer. You'll find suggestions for motivating and encouraging your family member, as well as guidelines for various levels of activity and suggestions for preventing falls. And be sure to view the video of a senior flash mob in Liverpool that will warm your heart and demonstrate that fun knows no age boundaries.

Articles, Resources & Videos
Seniors exercising in a gym.

Diet, Exercise Are a Good 1-2 Punch for Older Adults, Study Says

The best way for seniors to keep valuable lean muscle mass and lose weight at the same time is a combination of exercise and dieting. And keeping weight off is a way to slow the aging process, according to a study. However, sometimes older adults — like the rest of us — need a little motivation.


Pedometers Help Put New Year’s Resolutions into Action

Seniors who track their progress with daily walks have a much better chance to stay on pace with a goal of better fitness. So, too, can the encouragement of a companion or caregiver help keep an older adult on the road to good health.

Wellness Programs Can Help Seniors Build Back Strength

Holiday gatherings often highlight an older adult’s frailties more so than any other times of the year. Now’s the time to take note of ways a senior loved one can improve his or her overall wellness.

5 Senior Fitness Options for Any Budget

Exercise, Mental Stimulation, Companionship Can Thwart Effects of Aging

Use it or lose it -- a common phrase that appears to apply when it comes to good brain and body health. Companionship, too, can play an important role in healthy aging.

Elderly woman and middle-aged woman going for a walk

Study Says Walking Reduces Anxiety in Older Women

Exercise has a double benefit for senior women, including lessening menopausal symptoms and sustaining better overall health. Walking with a companion – a friend, family member or CAREGiverSM — is an even better way to relieve stress and build a healthier outlook.

Seniors Should Strive to Keep Up with Those Younger

Age is no excuse for becoming a couch potato. In fact, all adults should strive for a regular exercise program to the best of their abilities, the experts say. Family caregivers can check out the resources that could help their loved ones get on the move.

Exercise and Companionship Can Minimize Fall Risk

Falls can sideline seniors like no other risk. But exercise is the secret weapon that may help seniors improve strength, flexibility and balance needed to prevent these mishaps. Sometimes all older adults need is little motivation. Companionship can be the motivator.

Exercise, Nutrition Important to Fighting Osteoporosis and Preventing Fall-Related Injuries

Osteoporosis is one of the most challenging of senior conditions, many times leading to bone fractures and breaks. That's why older adults should found out from their doctor how to prevent this condition and seek support when needed.

Exercise and Companionship May Ease Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is among the most common of senior afflictions, plaguing hundreds of thousands of older adults every day. Exercise has been documented as a safe and beneficial remedy for arthritis. A little extra assistance at home can help as well when senior conditions strike.

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