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The importance of proper nutrition for seniors simply can't be understated. Poor nutrition can affect the mind, the body, the immune system and energy levels in ways you may not be aware of. The more you know about the aging factors that can affect eating habits, the easier it will be to ensure the person you care for maintains a healthy diet.

Mealtime Matters

We've collected a wide range of materials to help you recognize the warning signs of poor nutrition, understand the physical changes with age that affect appetite and digestion, and be aware of the lifestyle changes that can affect the way mealtimes are viewed. You'll find nutrition guidelines for mature men and women, a list of food staples every senior should have, and suggestions for making shopping, meal preparation and dining more enjoyable. In addition, there are tips for food safety, recommendations for transportation and budget issues, as well as discussions about the role diet plays in patients with diabetes, cancer and Parkinson's disease.

Articles, Resources & Videos

Fewer Calories, Longer Life, Researchers Say

Less is more when it comes to eating for a long-lasting life. Research reveals that caloric restriction has been shown to slow the aging process in primates. Companionship also is an important part of healthy eating, a good reminder to make the most of mealtimes for seniors by inviting over a friend.

Living Large

It might be called the tale of two Boomers: One day you hear that older adults have never been healthier; they're working out and buffing up at YMCAs and fitness clubs throughout America, and living longer as a result. At the same time, half of middle-aged adults between 55 and 64 have high blood pressure and two and five are obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. A recent study by Purdue University reveals a more complex picture of the cost of obesity for Boomers…

Diet, Support Play Roles in Living with Parkinson's

A diagnosis of Parkinson's disease doesn't need to leave a senior and his or her family members dejected. Hope is on the horizon and support is available.

Senior standing next to her refrigerator

Clean Refrigerator Important to Senior Health

Food poisoning can leave vulnerable older adults who may be weak from the effects of illness or aging. Make sure that the senior in your life is practicing proper food handling and has the assistance at home to stay safe and healthy.

Senior doing yoga in her home

Exercise Can Benefit Heart Failure

One study says you shouldn’t rule out exercising your right to maintain a “man-in-motion” routine as a step toward better health, but check with your doctor before you get moving. Remember, companionship could help improve motivation.

Senior woman smiling while caregiver makes food.

Whet Seniors’ Appetites by Making Mealtimes Fun

It’s no secret that companionship is considered the most important ingredient for dinner-table success. And as far as food goes, variety is the spice of life.

Seniors exercising.

Cholesterol Not All Bad for Seniors, Researchers Say

A study finds that people with higher cholesterol intake also had the highest muscle strength gain, a positive development for seniors who are staying active. But even if your senior loved ones are reaping the benefits of regular exercise, encourage them to follow their doctor’s orders on nutrition and medications, and get assistance at home if needed.

Healthy foods - oatmeal, blueberries, and apples

Top 10 Smart Foods: Scoring With a Winning Diet

They may seem like common staples for any healthy diet, but the following 10 foods hold special nutritional value for seniors and can help slow aging and the risks of diseases often associated with growing older. These items also are versatile enough to be used in a variety of recipes.

Bunches of grapes

Grapes Can Slow Aging Process, Research Reveals

Recent research reveals that the fruit of the vine lowered blood pressure, improved heart function and reduced risk factors for metabolic syndrome, a condition affecting an estimated 50 million Americans that is often a precursor to type 2 diabetes. A nutritional diet and companionship at home can help too.

Caregivers setting out food for senior woman

Nutrition Important to Older Adults

Good health for older adults begins at mealtimes. Is Mom or Dad getting enough to eat? Are your parents eating the right foods? A CAREGiverSM from Home Instead can lend a hand with grocery shopping and meal preparation, as well as detecting signs of trouble.

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