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The importance of proper nutrition for seniors simply can't be understated. Poor nutrition can affect the mind, the body, the immune system and energy levels in ways you may not be aware of. The more you know about the aging factors that can affect eating habits, the easier it will be to ensure the person you care for maintains a healthy diet.

Mealtime Matters

We've collected a wide range of materials to help you recognize the warning signs of poor nutrition, understand the physical changes with age that affect appetite and digestion, and be aware of the lifestyle changes that can affect the way mealtimes are viewed. You'll find nutrition guidelines for mature men and women, a list of food staples every senior should have, and suggestions for making shopping, meal preparation and dining more enjoyable. In addition, there are tips for food safety, recommendations for transportation and budget issues, as well as discussions about the role diet plays in patients with diabetes, cancer and Parkinson's disease.

Articles, Resources & Videos
Elderly woman getting her blood pressure measured.

Controlling Blood Pressure is One Key to Heart Health for Older Adults

High blood pressure can lead to more than just heart problems. Among other things, it is directly related to decreased cognitive functioning, according to research. That’s why is important to carefully monitor a senior with high blood pressure.

Watch Video

Senior Nutrition & Mealtime - Family Caregiver Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, Dr. Amy D'Aprix of the DAI Foundation and Mary Alexander of Home Instead tackle the topic of senior nutrition and mealtimes.

Nutrition for Seniors

In this video series, certified senior advisor Mary Alexander from Home Instead ® will give you tips for making sure your senior loved one is getting proper nutrition. This video is designed for anyone who is caring for an elderly person be it a parent, other relative or friend. By watching this video you will learn why proper nutrition is important and what can happen if your senior loved one doesn't have good eating habits; simple ways to help your senior loved one shop for good food and eat right; as well as ideas for specific dietary and health concerns.

4 Convenient Steps to Healthier Eating for Seniors - US Version

Mealtime, Food & Senior Nutrition

This series of videos, Caring for Your Parents: Education for the Family Caregiver, contains valuable information for anyone who is caring for an elderly person be it a parent, other relative or friend. For each topic you'll learn helpful tips to overcome challenges and be provided with resources to make your family caregiving responsibilities a rewarding and loving experience.

4 Convenient Steps to Healthier Eating for Seniors - Canada Version

Unsafe Food Can Threaten Senior Health

Food poisoning can make people sick at any age, but seniors – many of whom have other conditions or weakened immune systems – are particularly vulnerable. Assisting seniors at home is a good way to ensure an older adult is eating safely.

Study Reveals Home-Based Intervention Helps Senior Cancer Survivors

More older adults than ever are surviving cancer. But seniors must maintain a proper diet and exercise to stay healthy. The support of a Home Instead® CAREGiverSM  also can help.

Seniors Need Good Nutrition and Companionship

Maintaining good nutrition for older adults can be a challenge because many seniors no longer can cook for themselves. What's more, illnesses and medications can affect their appetites. Companionship is one way to help keep seniors interested in good nutrition

Senior Diet Plan Should Begin with Doctor's Visit

Diet plans for older adults can be tricky business. That's because experts say that caloric intake should decrease even though nutritional needs remain the same as we age. That's why any diet for older adults should begin with a doctor's visit.

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