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Sister Act

Sister act

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You finally convinced your mother that she needs a little help at home, but then your sister visited from out-of-state and convinced Mom that she was fine. Now that sis is gone, you're stuck doing all the extra work.

Sometimes siblings like to one-up each other in an effort to stay in control or have the last word, or they simply have a different take on the situation. Chances are this tendency dates back to childhood. Why not make a list of all of your mother's needs and all that you are doing to meet those needs?

Schedule a time to meet with your sister or confer with her by telephone. Tell her that you are struggling to keep up with Mom's care and then show her the list of all that you're doing. Try not to be defensive. When she sees all of your mother's needs in black and white, reality may sink in. Remember, even though your sister lives farther away, she may be in a position at some point in time to take turns assisting in the care of your mother.

Then, ask your sister what she would recommend. Try to keep an open mind while your sister shares her thoughts about the best ways to assist your mother.

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Last revised: December 29, 2010

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  1. January 14, 2016 at 10:39 am | Posted by Ali

    I am out of the picture in the caring of my parents me and my sister live far away from them and my sister two years ago made my parents sign the ownership of the house and all the assets to her, she never mention anything to me or our brother, now that my parents need more help they do not have money because she spend it in remodeling the house and she make us believe that she was doing all this with her own money just as an act of love to our parents. She only did it just to get more money when she sells the house after my parents are gone.


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