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You've been the primary caregiver for your mom during the past year. Your siblings have offered to help, but it seems that if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. Your siblings just don't seem as reliable. Your marriage, however, is beginning to suffer and you don't know what to do.

It's easy to feel that no one can do the job like you, particularly if you've always been the one that your mom counted on. Think about the fact, though, that your siblings might be feeling left out. They need to feel that they have contributed something to your mother's care, too.

You should give up a little control for your own good as well as that of your mother and siblings. You will be no good to your mom if your health fails. And it's likely that your mother would be very upset to learn that she was the source of strife in your marriage.

Schedule a meeting or telephone conference with your siblings. Let them know that you would like to take them up on their offers for assistance. Tell each one of them what they can do to assist you and develop a schedule if appropriate.

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Last revised: December 29, 2010

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