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Family Communication Issues

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Just when you thought that family caregiving couldn't get more complicated, a new issue seems to pop up. And you're left wondering what to do. How do you begin to talk with your elderly mom about getting more help? When do you discuss with your dad giving up the car keys? What do you say to your brothers and sisters when you're stuck with all the caregiving and you can't count on your siblings to assist? When you're a family caregiver, the list of possible caregiver questions and issues is endless.

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Siblings Hot Button Issues: Caring for Elderly Parents (3 of 5)

This video discusses the top issues that cause siblings to struggle when it comes to caring for elderly parents. These include illness of a parent, money matters, inheritance, and others.

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Checklist for Sibling Caregivers: Caring for Elderly Parents (4 of 5)

Part 4 of 5 in this series offers tips for developing a checklist that can help adult siblings better manage the care of their senior loved ones.

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Recommendations and Resources: Caring for Elderly Parents (5 of 5)

The final part of this series covers ideas to help siblings cope with the demands of family caregiving for an aging parent. Including ways to avoid family feuds and offers tips for working together, as well as resources for dealing with sibling conflict that's already happening.

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The 50-50 Rule®: Managing Sibling Dynamics - Family Caregiver Recorded Webinar

Join host Laurie Owen, a trainer with Home Instead Senior Care, as she covers the 50 / 50 Rule: Managing Sibling Dynamics.

Sharing the care plans

Sharing the Care Plans

No matter what your family relationships are like, an aging care plan represents unchartered waters for most families. Who takes care of Mom and Dad, and where? Do you seek outside support or try to do it all yourselves? What do you do when you can't agree or when someone feels left out?

Download 5050 brochure

Download the The 50-50 Rule® Brochure

This guide is designed to help adult siblings and their aging parents deal with those sensitive situations that arise among brothers and sisters as their parents age and need assistance. The guide covers a variety of sibling caregiving topics such as: How do you divide workload with your sister? What's the best way to build teamwork with your brothers? How can you reach agreement as a family on important topics to avoid family conflict?

Payment overdue

Payment Overdue

You and your brother have just discovered a pile of overdue bills, spoiled food in the refrigerator and magazines stacked ceiling high at your parents' house. Approach your parents and brother with a sense of working together to find a solution rather than telling them what to do.

Recession bust

Recession Bust

The economy has taken its toll on your parents' retirement nest egg, which they worked so hard to build. Initiate a conversation between you and your parents, making sure that your siblings all have the same information.

Treasured keepsake

A Treasured Keepsake

You've always admired your mother's sapphire brooch, which she promised you several years ago, but the keepsake went to your sister-in-law instead. The high ground is to appreciate that your memories are the most important reminder of your mother and your relationship with her. If you can calmly talk to your sister-in-law, try it.

Family freeloader

Family Freeloader

No doubt about it, Dad is starting to need help at home. But your brother doesn't want him to spend any of the money and, you suspect, it's because he doesn't want dad to deplete brother's potential inheritance. Encourage your father to spend money to make his life easier and assure him that such spending is appropriate.

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