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Family Communication Issues

Topics within Family Communication Issues

Just when you thought that family caregiving couldn't get more complicated, a new issue seems to pop up. And you're left wondering what to do. How do you begin to talk with your elderly mom about getting more help? When do you discuss with your dad giving up the car keys? What do you say to your brothers and sisters when you're stuck with all the caregiving and you can't count on your siblings to assist? When you're a family caregiver, the list of possible caregiver questions and issues is endless.

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Patient/Doctor Communication (1 of 4)

This video series covers how to help your parents communicate with their healthcare providers.

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Why It's Important to Have Good Communication: Patient/Doctor Communication (2 of 4)

Part 2 of 4 in this series covers why good communication with your parent's health care practitioners is so important, and how to make it happen.

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Legal Documentation and Medical History: Patient/Doctor Communication (3 of 4)

Part 3 of 4 covers the variety of medical forms, documents, and information you'll need if you're going to get involved in your aging parent's medical care.

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Tips for You and Your Healthcare Provider to Follow: Patient/Doctor Communication (4 of 4)

The final video in this series discusses how to help your parent feel more confident he or she is understanding the doctor and is being heard and respected by the practitioner.

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Improving Communication with Aging Parents (1 of 5)

In this video series, certified senior advisor Mary Alexander, from Home Instead, provides tips for effective communications with seniors and how to overcome obstacles.

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Opening the Lines of Communication: Improving Communication with Aging Parents (2 of 5)

Part 2 of the "Senior Communication Issues" series offers more tips for effective communication with seniors — starting with when and how to begin the dialog.

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Difficult Topics with Aging Parents (Senior Communication Issues - Part 3 of 5)

Part 3 of this series discusses topics that can be difficult to address with your aging loved ones — such as moving from their home, finances, driving and health issues — using example scenarios about each of these issues from both your and your parents' perspectives.

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Methods of Approach: Improving Communication with Aging Parents (4 of 5)

"Methods of Approach" discusses positive ways of talking with your aging loved ones about difficult topics and how to always try to move toward solutions that provide the maximum amount of independence for the older person.

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Overcoming Barriers in Communication: Improving Communication with Aging Parents (5 of 5)

"Overcoming Barriers in Communication" offers tips for learning to talk to elderly parents in a way that helps to close the communication gap.

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