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Senior Romance and Dating: Relationships after Losing a Spouse

Senior romance

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Since your wife died, you've been very lonely. A few months ago you began a friendship with a widow from church and you've become very fond of one another. How do you tell your children?

First, relax: Chances are that your children will be very happy with this. Most of the time, adult kids are pleased when a widowed parent gets a new romantic partner. But they DO want to know what's going on. So let them know. There are easy ways to gently break the kids into the idea. Just mention activities you've done with the person ("I went to see a movie yesterday with my friend Irene.").

Your kids may not get the idea the first time, but once they've heard Irene's name three or four times, they'll figure it out. When you think they get the idea, let them know more clearly: "Irene and I have been seeing quite a bit of each other. I guess you might say we're dating."

Try not to wait too long to make it clear; the kids won't appreciate having a sense that something is going on, but thinking that you're hiding it from them. And don't spring the relationship on them as a grand surprise, particularly in a social situation that would be awkward for them, you and, perhaps, Irene. This is definitely something to share before a dinner party, not during it.

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Last revised: December 7, 2010

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  1. August 14, 2013 at 10:29 am | Posted by Marion Eggleton

    Baby Boomer Love Marion A. Eggleton (Author welcomes relationship questions at [email protected]) Book Description Publication Date: June 25, 2013 Lyricists say that there is someone special for everyone – a “soulmate”. The dream of every single woman is to find that special friend, companion, lover, and lifetime partner who we define as our soulmate. The one that we are destined to meet, but we seem to illusively miss as two ships passing silently in the early morning mist. Dating which seemed so natural when we were young seems to become increasingly complex, as we grow older. A variety of issues enter the equation as to how and where to meet a new love; how to know if he is the one. Issues of safety, family and financial considerations cloud the desire to meet this new love. Baby Boomer Love explores this thing we call the mating game, what went wrong with our high school dreams, the need to have someone new in our lives, the dating myths, where to look for someone new, the proactive approach of personal ads, where and how to place ads, how to respond to ads, the growing acceptance of the Internet, how to use it to your advantage, the 21st Century man and what to expect, dating issues, and how to beat the odds in starting over. T There Is Hope and Happiness By Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer -... This review is from: Baby Boomer Love (Paperback) In this outstanding work author Marion Eggleton lays bare the many hidden concerns with finding a meaningful relationship after the age of 50. Many by this age are alone due to death or divorce and face the prospects of years of loneliness because of misconceptions of allowing oneself to be open to a new relationship. In this work, our author discusses openly the many fears and challenges that tend to prevent people from moving forward and enjoying the latter part of their lives with someone new. Such questions are addresses as, "Love," "Why Do I Need Someone New?" "Dating Myths," and so much more. He challenges you to examine your own motives that are hindering you from meeting someone new and you will find pages of practical advice to help you overcome these fears. You will also find pages of websites that offer safe ways to meet new people and listings of magazines that allow you to search for the person who may be just right for you. A little apprehensive? Don't worry, these fears are addressed as well. There is even a website listed that provides a background search for you to use that would definitely make you feel more secure concerning that new person you just might be interested in. All in all this is a real encouraging book for men and women over the age of 50, who long to continue enjoying life to the fullest and would like someone to share that with. Recommended. Shirley Johnson Senior Reviewer MidWest Book Review


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