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Assisted Living at Home: The Push to Move You Out

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Your 40-year-old daughter is hinting that it's time for you to move from the family home. You know, without a doubt, that you want to stay put. How do you gather information to support your case and begin this discussion with your children?

The key question here is why your daughter thinks that it's time for you to move. Are there legitimate safety issues? Are you leaving pots cooking on the stove? Do you have serious vision problems that impact driving? If the answer is yes, then your daughter may have a legitimate concern that needs to be addressed. So the first thing to do is to ask your daughter clearly and non-defensively for the reasons that she's concerned. "I get the impression that you think I should move out of this house. I'd really like to talk openly about this situation, and ask you to explain the reasons why you think that."

If the reasons are vague, don't be afraid to press. For instance, "You can't live here forever" isn't a reason to move now. On the other hand "I don't think your driving is safe" is a clear area in which you can begin to work together to understand whether your driving is safe. If you and your daughter decide you don't think it is, investigate resources to help you get around while still living at home. The Home Instead network, for instance, hires CAREGivers who can run errands or take you places. Try to make it a situation in which you and your daughter are working together to find a solution that keeps you both happy: "I think there are some ways I can keep living here that will make you comfortable with the situation. Let's work on that, OK?"

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Last revised: December 7, 2010

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