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Signs of Alzheimer's or Dementia: A Senior Moment or Something More?

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You've just stopped by your parents' house and for the second time in a month, noticed that your 70-year-old mother has forgotten the name of a close friend. Is it Alzheimer's disease or dementia, a senior moment or just a passing phase? More importantly, how do you find out?

Make sure you consider your mom's history and personality so that you can determine if this is a change. Some people have always been bad with names, but if your mom is forgetting a close friend's name and you notice signs of disorientation, you might say: "Gee Mom, perhaps you should see a doctor and get checked out. I'm sure it's nothing, but it would really put my mind at ease if you'd let a doctor make sure your memory is O.K." Such a conversation starter focuses on the positive not the negative.

Research: A parent's cognitive condition was a topic that 50 percent of Baby Boomers wanted to know more about.

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Last revised: December 7, 2010

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