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Identifying Mom’s Needs Key to Reaching Family Consensus

The signs all point to trouble for Mom. You and your siblings are concerned, but not sure how to proceed, especially because your mother is reluctant to leave her longtime home. Leaving home, though, is only one option, and the least popular among older adults, many of whom just need a little help around the house.

Conversation Starter Guides

Download these easy-to-read guides from Home Instead Senior Care and author and communications expert Dr. Jake Harwood. These guides include common family situations and sensitive circumstances that often pose communication problems for both older adults and their children or loved ones.

Life Legacies

Aside from a will (and finding it), there is much information needed to prepare for leaving a lasting legacy. It is important is discuss the wishes of the senior and make sure that everything is in order before they pass. This section will help you prepare the proper Life Legacy for your senior.

40-70 Rule: Executive Summary

Independent research by the Home Instead Senior Care® network of seniors, adult children, senior care and legal professionals provided new insights into the dynamics of the conversations that do – and do not – take place between Baby Boomers and their aging parents. This updated research revealed that families who wait too long to begin discussing and planning for end-of-life issues could be vulnerable to uncertainty, family fights and even legal disputes.

40/70 Rule: Communication Assessment

An informational tool has been developed by Home Instead Senior Care for adults who have parents over the age of 70. We invite you to complete this 15-question quiz to determine the quality of your parental conversations.

40/70 Conversation Topics

Some topics are difficult for adult children to discuss with their aging parents, but starting the conversation off right can make things a little easier. Here are some scenarios that address common topics from the adult son or daughter's perspective. Each is backed by research conducted in the U.S. for Home Instead Senior Care with tips developed in cooperation with Jake Harwood, Ph.D., communication professor author, and former director of the Graduate Program in Gerontology at the University of Arizona.

40-70 Rule: Additional Resources

These additional resources where you may find helpful information regarding communicating with your senior parent or loved one.

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  • Many experts agree: by the time you approach age 40 and a loved one is around 70, you should have had the “talk” about issues so many families want to avoid. Topics such as living and financial choices, health, driving, dating and end of life can be perplexing. The Home Instead Senior Care® network refers to this concept as the 40-70 Rule®, a program launched in 2008 to start important conversations early, before a crisis occurs.

    Backed by new research with seniors, their adult children, senior care and legal professionals, the Home Instead Senior Care network now wants to take those important conversations further. The 40-70 Rule: An Action Plan for Successful AgingSM and accompanying resources encourage individuals and families not only to start those vital conversations soon, but to finish them with a plan that can help take the guesswork out of aging. The plan encourages individuals of all ages to ACT (Assess, Consider, Talk) on their desires and wishes for the future, then put their plan into action.

    It’s never too late to talk, but starting today could make the road ahead a lot smoother.

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