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End of Life Planning

Talking with your loved ones about end of life plans is perhaps one of the most difficult, but most important, conversations you’ll have. Often, people find themselves avoiding the topic altogether or waiting until it’s too late. Starting this discussion early will help alleviate the potential stress associated with end-of-life issues.

But you might be wondering, “How do I start a conversation like this?” or, “What steps should our family take to prepare?” In this section, you’ll find an abundance of resources to better prepare you for this discussion.

With an end of life plan in place, you and your family can enjoy your time together without the underlying worry.

Articles, Resources & Videos

4 Fears Surrounding End of Life Care and How to Overcome Them

End-of-Life Care: What to Do When Hospice Isn’t Enough (U.S. version)

End-of-Life Care: What to Do When Hospice Isn’t Enough (Canadian Version)

7 Care Tips for When Someone You Love Is Dying

Tips to help make the end of life care process smoother and more peaceful for everyone involved.

6 Ways to Get Started on a Final Years Plan

Planning ahead for the final years has the potential to create a more peaceful and meaningful transition into the later years of life for both you and your family. Consider these suggestions to get started.

How to Begin the Final Wishes Conversation

Sharing final wishes can bring clarity and comfort to families during hospice and end-of-life situations. Try these tips from the Conversation Project to help get the conversation started.

5 Final Years Conversations to Begin Now

Who wants to think about a time without their loved ones? It's a very sad topic, which makes it easy to avoid. And yet, at an individual level, people do want to talk about their end of life. Get started with these five conversations.

Funeral or Celebration? How Services Have Changed

Funeral services used to be relatively standard affairs. Casket, officiant, prayers and burial. Nowadays? Gone are the rules, according to Dignity Memorial® representatives.

Final Years Planning: Where to Find Assistance

Developing a final years plan really boils down to one word: communication. Talking with professionals as well as family can help ensure important elements of a plan are in place.

The Risks of Not Planning for the Final Years

Some aspects of growing older may be beyond your control, but putting a plan in place could help minimize the potential risks.

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