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10 Ways Seniors Can Stretch Their Dollars

If you're approached about changing your investments or making a purchase, make sure you get another opinion.

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Following, from the Home Instead Senior Care network and various senior and financial experts, are 10 ways that seniors can stretch their dollars:

  1. Seek the services of an objective financial planner. Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, founder of the Garrett Planning Network, said it's important for seniors to seek the advice of an objective fiduciary. The Garrett Planning Network ( features experts throughout the country who offer their advice on a fee-only basis.
  2. Get a second opinion on investments and financial purchases. If you're approached about changing your investments or making a purchase, make sure you get another opinion.
  3. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging if you're having trouble paying for food and gas. For more information or an office near you, log on to National Association of Area Agencies on Aging at
  4. Get back to gardening. The economic downturn is generating a resurgence in gardening, and the over 55 crowd traditionally has been among the most avid gardeners.
  5. Avoid convenience foods, which are more expensive. Watch for sales on fresh or canned fruits, vegetables and meats, which will be less expensive than convenience foods and better for you.
  6. Look for deals on generic medications. Contact your pharmacist about ways to save money on your medications.
  7. Walk when you can. If the gas prices are cutting into your social life, organize a walking club or walk with friends.
  8. Carpool when you can't walk. There's economy in numbers. If you can't afford to drive somewhere solo or in pairs, contact others you know going in the same direction or the same place and share costs.
  9. Keep drapes drawn during the heat of the day, and minimize opening and closing doors in the cold of the winter. Close off parts of the house you're not using to cut down on utility costs.
  10. Financial planner Sheryl Garrett says that the ability of seniors to live at home helps cut costs as well. If you or a loved one needs assistance around the house, contact Home Instead Senior Care or visit the company's website at

For more information about Home Instead Senior Care, contact Erin Albers, Public Relations Manager at 888-484-5759 or via email at [email protected].

Last revised: February 10, 2011

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  1. June 21, 2017 at 4:08 pm | Posted by Nancy Disney

    Where is the list that I saw the other day of services you provide ?? I want to print it out and show it to my care provider. We need some help in all areas. Thanks.


    • June 28, 2017 at 11:12 am | Posted by Home Instead

      Hi Nancy, you can find an overview of services provided by Home Instead Senior Care at We recommend you get in touch with your local office for specific details about service offerings in your area. To find your local office, go to and enter your location. Thanks for getting in touch!


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